Heroes of the Blue Flame

Anyone see where that Ogre came from?

Meanwhile back at the herbalist shop…

After the Succubus is dead and the house searched more. thouroughly, we study the map. There seems to be impressions on the back of the lambskin that the map was drawn onto. There seems to be some writings that appear to be of religious nature, perhaps a ritual of some sort.. Gil gets the impression that there is some type of arcane rune that has the ability that when combined with this ritual has the ability to possibly transport beings to or from another plane, or place.

The captain says that he must get back to the barracks for some rest, and to see what kind of situation the fort is in. He will get with Private Zamthist. The party discusses whether we need to get going now to see what kind of manner is going on, or take a day of rest and wait for the fort reinforcements to arrive. Gil gets the impression that we need to leave now, there are possibilities that some type of portal may be in the works, and time is of the essence. Gil says that because of the possibilities of the portal being used, we must go find Trelist (the Ugly Dwaf Lady) now. When there comes a knock on the door. At the door stands a man in purple plate, obviously from the order of the purple dragon of Cormyr, and asks for Mordrynn, who steps outside to talk. It is discussed that Grimes and Mordrynn will head to the barracks to chat with the guards. Gil and Ryltar head to the shop to see if they can aquire any potions to help against poison, or for healing. Garros goes to Eladrins ranch to see about aquiring horses for travel.

Mordrynn comes back and says that they have called him back to Cormyr for duty. There is trouble brewing there, and he has to return within a month.

Gil and Ryltar go to Trugees shop (Well stocked for a merchant store in the middle of nowhere) where she shows them a bandalier of 6 potions. She says they were brought in my a bard who was giving up his ways of adventuring and had no need for them anymore. He said they were called Potions of Vitality, and says that she would take 1000 gp each. They try to barter with her and offer her the statue, which she recoils from, and they show her the dagger. She states that she will take the dagger for 2 of the 6 potions. She says that she will give us one for what we have done, and will take the rest of thier coins (about 600 gp) for a 4th, but she will not take that damn statue.

Upon entering the barracks Grimes and Mordrynn notice that the Captain, and the Private are standing by a cabinet that is open and what apears to be an obsidian chest of some sort, that is open. Seems to be a safe of some type, and by the looks of things, it appears they have been robbed. Grimes knocks and walks in anouncing our presence as they turn and greet us. We explain that we are going to head south as soon as possible, but wanted to make sure that the fort had enough men to ward off any attacks until reinforcements arrive. The group has come to the conclusion that time is of the essence and we must leave now. He asks us if we can stay for a short time, and we explain that if we don’t leave now to take care of buisness, we may not be able to stop what may be coming. He tells us that he vaguely rememebrs a beast baying, and it was brushed off as dogs. but while he was in the midst of passion with the lass, there was banging on the walls next to the room he was in, in the house. He also brushed this off as his passionate moments, but now he says that it may not have been as seemed. We should be very carefull.

Garros arrives from the rancher with 5 horses. One of them being a large war horse for Grimes. We then travel south from the fort towards the hut marked on the map. As we arrive at the hut there is a small stream. Grimes, Gil, and Mordrynn stay back as Garros, and Ryltar check out the hut in stealthy forms. There doesn’t seem to be anyhting abnormal about the hut from a distance. It is late in the evening, but still light enough to see well. The building is T shaped made of stones and lumber, with the top of the T butting up against the mountain. The windows are covered with some kind of fabric, possibly leather. They approach stealth like to attempt to hear if anything, or anyone is in the house making noise. There is smoke coming from both chimneys, with fire crackling inside. They can hear what sounds like a chorus of male voices with at least one female voice. Possibly chanting, or religious singing coming from further back into the building.

They return to the group and tell us what they heard. Garros tries to remember what he can from the chant, and Gil recognizes some of the words and deducts that it is possibly a chant to Asmodius. Who is the god of the nine hells. God of sin, really evil dude, a tyrant, and oppressor. Mordrynn knows that Asmodius cults are present throughout the lands. Especially in the last few decades, and they subvert many of the other cult members into thier group.

We decide to attempt to sneak up on the building as a group and then we will charge in, some through the door, some through the windows. As we crash into the main room there is the Crazy dwarf Lady sitting in a rocking chair staring into space. She seems to look into the room for a second and shreiks a loud skreech, then settles back into rocking, and staring blankly. She seems to be blind with white milky eyes. Grimes begins to pull the tapestry away from the far wall with his scimitar, and when he can’t see enough doing that, he reaches up and rips it off the wall. As he does this, the Crazy Dwarf Lady stands and grows in size into a large woman (Howling hag). Grimes sees two men in redish black armour holding longbows at the ready, and swords at thier sides down a long hallway. As they shoot arrows at Grimes, he charges down the hallway, Smashing into one of the archers. The Hag screeches out and disappears. Ryltar, still outside the door, screams that the Hag is outside. Garros runs outside and attempts a grasping tide at the hag with little effects. The archers seem to be distracted, or looking around in the room as they are firing arrows. Gil runs outside to deal with the Hag lady. Mordrynn comes crashing down the hallway into the other archer. Ryltar hits the hag with two arrows and slinks around the corner of the building. As the archers pull thier swords, they seem to be wimpering as they are attacking Grimes and Mordrynn. As grimes slices his scimirar into one, he says that in order to surrender he must drop his weapon. Enticing an oportunity attack from the archer. As he takes his attack, Grimes’ Brash Assault allows Mordrynn to finish him off. The Hag slips around the north side of the building. Garros gives chase and as he rounds the building, she is not anywhere to be seen.

Ryltar enters the house through the southernmost window, as Gil comes into the house through the north window and charges down the hallway. As he slashes aside the tapestry on the north wall it reveals an archer in a small room. Just then a Massive Ogre smashes through the wall where the two archers have fallen, as Grimes swipes at it with his scimitar commanding Mordrynn to also attack. The Hag appears behind Gil in the hallway as Ryltar pierces her with two more arrows. Garros comes back through the north window and plague lashes the hag. Gil pulls a frostwind blade, swaps places with Mordrynn, slashing into the ogre, and slaying the hag at the same time, as she lets out a death scream that pierces the ears of anyone hearing it. Grimes then slices into the Ogre again, ripping part of his thick hide away, then shifts into the room to the south. Ryltar shoots two arrows at the Ogore which stick in his hide but seem to do no damage, as Garros casts a grasping tide into the north room. The Massive Ogre then thrashes his flail about the hallway as it bounces off shields and armor. Gil Smashes the ogre, sliding him back 1 square.

Will the Ogre surrender? Will our hero’s find thier hearing? Who was chanting inside the house? the Ogre? The Archers and Hags? This makes no sense! Where are the devils and demons! Portals and arcane magics! Rituals, and sacrificial maidens tied naked to an alter! Well I diegress…



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