Heroes of the Blue Flame

Chicken-rot and his minions

We come to a cavern with a domed ceiling. Across the ice-covered chamber is a huge glowing screen of purple-black energy coursing back and forth between two obsidian pillars. Standing before the screen is a creature covered in jangling chains. The chains appear to slither and crawl over the creature’s brown, wrinkled flesh. The chain creature holds a human wrapped in chains from the creature’s body. Also in the room are a number of creatures wearing black plate armor and wielding red longswords. Green fire glows in the eyes above a mouth full of sharp teeth. Other equally devilish creatures, sporting reddish horns and leathery wings, stand between you and the chain creature. The chamber’s ceiling is 40 feet above the floor, and an opening at the top of the chamber leads into the sky.

In this chamber there are 8 hellgaurd legions, heavily armored minions.. 4 Hellsword Gaurds that are winged and can probably take to the air. Gil touches some stones to Ryltars bow, and to his sword, these give them additional benefits. Mordrynn gives the party the wrath of his god, as the hellions smash thier swords against their chests, and stones against themselves, which causes them to burst into flames. Ickyrot is holding the prisoner with his chains, as he begins to direct his other hellions into battle. Ryltar slams one of the Legion gaurds with an arrow killing it. Grimes attempts a shot with his crossbow missing. Mordrynn moves into the room, surveying the situation, as Garros waves his staff casting grasping tide. Ickyrot throws the prisoner into the protal. As she enters the portal, winds pour through the portal and there are screams and nashing of teeth being heard from within as she is torn apart, then the portal slams closed once again. He then runs across the ice with great speed. The Winged hell gaurds move across the ground towards the party. It seems as if heat is radiating from thier skin as well as thier weapons. Grimes hurls his breath in the center of a group of enemies hitting some but seeming to do no, or little damage. One of the Winged creatures dived into the middle of Grimes and Mordrynn and twirled his sword hitting grimes with his flame blade. Another Winged devil did the same to Mordrynn, causing them to burn with fire. Garros casts a wall of thorns around ickyrot. The Legions then charge down and surround Grimes, as others teleport to surround mordrynn. The Legions begin to target grimes, dealing him little damage with every hit, but still being able to bloody him. Mordrynn shifts out of combat advantage, whacks one of the Legion gaurds, then atempts to stike another missing. Garros casts fairy fire into a group of enemies slowing one, putting the others into a combat advantage position. The Legions then move down to attack garros, charging him, but missing. The Winged devils also charge at garros missing.. garros then Shifts into animal form and uses predators furry to kill one of the legions. The legions and devils surrounding Gil reduce him to 0 hit points. As he falls Grimes invokes his fearless resscue giving Gil life. Mordrynn smashes his hammer into one of the minions, slaying it. As another winged thing hits Grimes and Gil with fire damage. Grimes taunts ickyrot who slams him and then runs away.. Grimes steps up and whacks one of the Winged devils and heals the whole party as he calls out to stand the fallen. Mordrynn and Ryltar strike Ickyrot bloodying him. Grimes Brash strikes one of the winged devils to death. The remaining winged devil gets mad at grimes for calling his master a chicken, and slams into grimes with his great sword. The party then invokes a full assault on Ickyrot, even though there are minions, and a winged devil left. Almost bringing him to his death. Garros grasping tides twice into the group of enemies surrounding Gil doing more damage to Gil than the enmies. The winged devil then attacks gil doing ongoing fire damage which knocks him unconsious. Mordrynn then moves up, lays hands on Gil, and slays Ickyrot, dealing healing to Grimes and Gil. As he is falling into deaths grasp, his chains begin to writh and snake pulling his body apart. He rises into a cloud of gore, his chains pulling him to an animation of life!! Garros then pounces on ickyrots animated corps, dealing damage. Gil has one of the Armored Minions standing over him, as he comes to. As Ickyrots animated body is struck over and over again he says, In another voice, definitely not what was coming from him before, “You mortals will not stop my operations, no matter if this slave is defeated! THe Mists of Time will condemn you and you will fall prey to the Fallen King!” laughter.. Mordrynn then dvine challenges Ickyrot, as he is healing Gil once again. Ickyrot once again withdraws from Grimes as he taunts him to “come to me, Chickenrot”.. He attempts to strike Grimes missing.. Gil finally strikes with his frostwind blade killing the last Minion, and dealing damage to the Winged devil. Grimes Moves up and Brash strikes Ickyrot missing, and as Ickyrot takes an oportunity attack at Grimes, Mordrynns mark goes off Killing Ickyrot. Mordrynn then moves up and slays the last remaining Devil. As the last enemy falls the party falls to thier knees from exhaustion. They then notice there is a noise coming from the portal. As the party looks towards the portal there is a large humanoid 10-12 feet tall form seeming to be pushing at the portal as if trying to come through, then repulses back into the portal as it continues to crackle and pop with energy.

Will our heros figure out a way to destroy the portal? Where is the other white dragon? Did they only send two chickens (owlbear and ickyrot) to protect the portal? Tune in next time… Same chicken channel, same chicken time..



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