Heroes of the Blue Flame

Get a Spine already..

Garros heads west and finds the owlbears bed area. As he enters he notices many large tick like bugs jumping on him as he disturbs the bedding. As he fends them off he pushes some of the debris away, and finds a suit of leather armor that catches his eye. As he picks it up he notices it is cool to the touch. He then takes it and runs through the fire to make sure there are no more bugs on him. Grimes and Ryltar check out the rest of the plateu areas. On the south wall we find scratches chiseled into the wall of angelic beings entering the room with faces depicting shock at the evil that is in the room.

Continuing on through the cavern we find a small exit to the north west. There are two hellsfire symbols blocking the exit. Garros borrows Ryltars cloak which offers some fire protection, and rushes through setting one off, as the party follows behind. Garros gives Ryltar his cloak back and then realizes he is on fire taking ongoing damage. Grimes and Mordrynn assist Garros in his quest to put fire out, which takes a couple rounds. The cavern continues narrowing, as it turns to the south and then back to the west. There is a small passage breaking off to the south, but ahead there is a large cavern filled with cultists, and a Spined devil, about to sacrifice a virgin maiden, laying on her back on an alter, on a plateau 10 feet above the floor.. Below the alter is a large pit.

Grimes pushes in hurling his dragons breath at the cultists, killing 6 of them in a burst of fire. Ryltar fires two arrows at the spined devil, striking him once, which spins him around, the other arrow striking the dagger, knocking it from his grasp. Garros charges forward into the room, slamming into a large invisible object, which then becomes visible. This looks to be a huge one horned demon of some sort. The cultists begin to chant, as they draw long swords and attack the party. There are two cultists at the alter with smoking asperjillians, waving them above the virgin. Gil moved to the south where he can target a group of Cultists. He Flame Cyclones them killing five more, then charges the One Horned Demon, sliding him two squares towards the pit. Garros jumps onto the plateau erecting a thorned wall around the alter slaying the two cultists and bloddying the spined devil. Grimes and Mordrynn attempt to keep the cultists surrounded. The demon releases his breath gas towards Garros and Gil, dazing Gil. The remaining cultists charge at Grimes and Mordrynn. Gil charges the Demon sliding him towards the pit, shaking off the dazed state. Grimes runs into the middle of the room inspiring Garros with healing words, then lion roars at one fo the cultists, giving garros added vitality. The Spiney devils seem to be targeting Gil for some reason, with the one by the alter continuing to hit Garros. Garros goes into defense mode, as Grimes inspires him with more healing. Ryltar continues his arrow assault on any targets he can see. Garros shifts into cat form striking the demon and a spiney devil, dazing them both. Grimes calls out to stand the fallen, Striking the demon, inspiring the group with added health.

Mordrynn, in his slowed state, notices that there is one spined devil towards the southern end of the room flying around an open pit, almost like he is gaurding something. The other spined devils continue thier spiney assault on garros and mordrynn. Ryltar slays one of the devils with well placed arrows. Grimes smashes into the Demon, who is retreating back into the middle of the room. The demon lets out a blast of gas trying to put the party to sleep, which causes Garros and Gil to become dazed. Gil succumbs to the sleepy gas falling unconcious. The spined devils then gang up on the cat (Garros) slaying him in his dazed state, with a firey spray of spines. Mordrynn quafs a potion of vitality, which allows him to save against his slowed movement, where he can move to awaken the unconcious Gil. Ryltar them quaries the demon, hits him with both arrows, one critically, slaying the beast. Garros saves against death..

The Spined Devil to the south suddenly gets entangled by ropes, or vines from within the pit, and is dragged in, where there are sounds of much beating of flesh and bone.

Will Mordrynn or Grimes be able to save Garros? Will the party fend off the attacks of the remaining devils? What exactly is in that pit to the south? Gil, stop checking out the naked virgin, and concentrate damn it..



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