Heroes of the Blue Flame

Gizella of Mithrandain and Itchyrot...

Continueing with the battle..

Ryltar attempts to twin strike the Illithid, missing. Gil dealt venomous damage to one of the gorillas, gaining healing to himself. Garros attempted to pounce on the shadow hound, missing. The Dragonborn sends out a burst of fire marking Gil Mordrynn and Grimes. Grimes’ Immolating armor goes off, negating the mark,and dealing damage to the dragonborn. Grimes then seeing himself in a dicey predicament, drops his gaurd slices into one of the gorillas, putting the gorillas into dicey predicaments. The first gorilla jumps over the party onto the bridge behind Gil, and attempts to attack as he is regaining his ballance, and misses. The other gorilla shifts back off the bridge and seems to be emitting some heat, as he gets bloodied. Gil performs a flame cyclone on the dog, dragonborn and one of the gorilla, hitting the gorilla, but he seems to shake off the flame and looks as if he is coated in a film of frost. An Eladrin steps out behind a pillar sending a flash of light through the room blinding grimes. The Illithid then moves out of the crevis in the wall and Whoops the party, dazing Gil and Mordrynn.

Grimes then spins around knowing there is a hound behind him slashing into it with a crit. Mordrynn gives grimes and gil the wrath of his god, allowing them to hit with more damage, even though grimes didn’t seem to want it, As the gorillas slam gil and grimes, bloodying them both. Gil activates his armour giving him some healing, as Ryltar seems to run away, back the way we came, but actually circling around to pelt the gorillas with arrows. Garros then storm spikes one of the gorillas. The Eladrin hits Mordrynn with a binding grasp, as the illithid attempts to grab him with his tentacles, missing. Grimes slashes into the gorilla next to him dealing it much damage, shifts around it, uses his action point and slashes into it again. Mordrynn, still being dazed smashes into the hound behind him. Gil slashes into the gorilla, seeming to kill him, but alas, he comes back from the dead, smashing gil with both fists. Ryltar then blasts it with an arrow, slaying it, as it crumbles into a pile of dust. Mordrynn takes a critical hit from the gorilla putting him at 0 life, as Grimes invokes his fearless rescue, taking a bite from the hound and a slash from the dragonborn, but slashing into the gorilla and giving Mordrynn life, bringing him from deaths grasp. Ryltar then strikes the gorilla with two arrows, one critically slaying him as the beast falls off the bridge and into the water. As the body sinks it is suddenly grabbed by something and pulled swiftly under the water. Grimes moves up to the hound slaying it, as the dragonborn moves up and around the party to join the illithid. Gil eldritch strikes the illithid sending her into the lake, where she sinks. As we beat the dragonborn down, he slashes into Mordrynn knocking him unconsious again. Ryltar then puts the killing blow into the dragonborn. The illithid reapears as if struggling to swim when Gil stikes it with fire killing it. Garros who has been keeping the Eladrin busy, strikes with a grasping tide. As she sees all of her companions fall, she surrenders to Garros, who accepts for now. Grimes stabilizes Mordrynn, then we take a short rest. Grimes then heals Mordrynn, and we take another short rest to allow Mordrynn to heal.

Questioning the Eladrin, we find out that the portal is in the passage to the east. Ickyrot is there bringing more devils through the portal as fast as he can. He must sacrifice commoners to get the portal to operate, sometimes more than one depending on the devil he is bringing through. She also says that she wants to know what she can do to get out without being harmed, and Grimes tells her that if she tells us what we need to know and anything that might be of interest, we will let her walk out unharmed. She tells us that Ickyrot has been bringing in Kytons. They are the jailers of the devils. Very sadistic, torturers. There are many spigons. She says her name is gizella of mithrandain and that she swears she will leave and return to her home. The devils usually send for more prisoners every 48 hours or so, and it has been 2 days or more. Grimes and Gil go off and talk about bringing her in as an ally. When we talk to her and give her the choice to join us, she says that she would rather leave if it is up to her. We tell her she is free to go. She salutes with her staff across her chest and leaves across the bridge.

Searching the remains that are not in the water we only find a set of platemail and a bastard sword on the dragonborn. Both seem to be normal. Grimes keeps the bastard sword, and Gil pushes all the bodies into the lake. We then realize that for mercenaries they had no gold, or coins on them. No pouches, or anything to keep money. Anyway.. We decide to take an extended rest here, and it passes without incident.

After our rest we march on into the mountain. After a few miles, we come to a cavern with a domed ceiling. Across the ice-covered chamber is a huge glowing screen of purple-black energy coursing back and forth between two obsidian pillars. Standing before the screen is a creature covered in jangling chains. The chains appear to slither and crawl over the creature’s brown, wrinkled flesh. The chain creature holds a human wrapped in chains from the creature’s body. Also in the room are a number of creatures wearing black plate armor and wielding red longswords. Green fire glows in the eyes above a mouth full of sharp teeth. Other equally devilish creatures, sporting reddish horns and leathery wings, stand between you and the chain creature. The chamber’s ceiling is 40 feet above the floor, and an opening at the top of the chamber leads into the sky.

Is this Ickyrot? Is this the end? Can our hero’s destroy the portal before it’s too late?



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