Heroes of the Blue Flame

Owl Bear Hugs for everyone.. Well... Only Gil this time..

Continuing battle with the Ogre…

In the midst of battle, an archer arrives from the south east room, peeking out from the tapestry covering the door just enough to fire arrows at the party. Mardrynn storms into the room engaing him, as he tries to escape realizing there is no where to run. He pulls another arrow as Mordryn slays him with an ardent strike. The Ogre moves back into his cavernous room, with a large pit in the north, and a smelling pile of hides, and coverings that the Ogre uses to sleep on to the south. The Ogre grabs the large Cat (Garros) and attempts to use him asa a shield, saying.. I have kitty now… As Gil moves adjacent to him and takes a stike bloodying the ogre. Garros shifts into bird form, escaping from the ogres grasp. The Ogre Slams into gil sliding him towards the pit, then shifts up to attempt to push Gil in. Grimes applies some wolf pack tactics allowing Gil to escape from between the Ogre and the pit. Mordrynn charges into the room using a shielding smite dealing masive damage to the ogre,and allowing grimes some protection. Garros shifts back into human form, and moves towards the battle. The Ogre swings his flail wildly hitting Mordrynn. Gil smashes into the Ogre sliding him one more square towards the pit. Grimes then Brash assaults hiim, allowing the Ogre to stike Grimes, knocking him prone, which allows Gil to smash into the Ogre again. Grimes then calls out to stand tough, healing the party. Garros causes tremors under the Ogre, knocking him prone, but he gets up almost imediately. Grimes jumps to his feet while drawing his crossbow, fireing wildly at the ogre. Mordryn attempts to break free of the Ogre grasp, but fails. Ryltar fires a couple more arrows doing no damage. Garros hits him with lightning, twice slaying him, as he falls, Mordrynn is flung towards the smelly urine filled pit, but doesn’t quite fall in.

After looting the body, Gil pushes him into the pit. We find a magical small shield under some of the bones to the north. There is a small open chest to the south that is open and empty. Next to the chest is an unlocked crate. When openig it, there is a massive bit of items. Feathers (x4), finger bones, a canvas doll with elf ears clipped to it. There are 13 pp in the bottom. A brass broach in the shape of a tree with slivers of emeralds on the leaves. A small washed leather bag of roasted beans.

Mordrynn searches through the kitchen where he finds some barrels filled with a purplish liquid. There is also a tapestry hanging on the south wall depicting the mountain that is outside with two ravens circling it. Mordrynn knowing some background that at times white dragon were depicted as ravens in pictures and drawings. Garros takes it to donate to the barracks back in the fort, because it seems to depict some history of the land.

Searching the crazy dwarf lady, we find a small writing book, 2 scroll cases and a pouch with 21 pp and more roasted beans. We soon deduct that the hag was probably paying the ogre in beans, convincing him that they held some sort of magical powers or properties. Looking at the scroll cases, the first has a note written to her, talking about putting fear into the fort, and she wil be backed by a messenger that will come. (Xeriope).. It is signed by Ichyrot. The note says that by the next new moon, the preperations will be completed. (the next new moon will be 4 nights from now).. The second scroll is written in elven describing the mountains in the area that seems to be from an explorer that took notes on this scroll. It states that the mountains hold many dark secrets. One of the notes says that the mountain contains an portal. In abisal Gil reads that they need a mortal or mortal blood to use the portal. There is also landmarks in the notes that point to where the White Dragons lair used to be located. The writing book i s a day to day journal of what the hag has done, and whether they suceeded or failed. One of the entries states that they recieved new asmodian cultists.

The two braizers in the Ogres lair are magical. Grimes takes one and dumps it out. When the contents are removed, it stops burning, and cools. He then grabs a chunk of cowhide from the Ogres bedding, and wraps it in the cow hide,and ties it onto his backpack. Garros takes the other one. This is an everburning bowl. When items that can burn are placed into it, it will combust after a few minutes without any need for starting. Grimes then goes into the front room and collects the kindling and fire wood stacked next to the chest, and the ten viles of scented oil.

We take a short rest, then gather our gear and horses and travel back to the fort unhindered. We return the horses to Eladrins house, then go over to the fort. The gates are closed but the lights in the buildings are now lit. We enter the Inn and speak with Skeeter and Jirl, and get rooms for the night. Ryltar only needing 4 hours of trance time goes over to the barracks afterwards to help out. The gaurds seem warry of him, and accept that he is there, because of the partys status and what we have done, but don’t seem to friendly towards him. Garros asks skeeter about Evilman Oromond, and what they have done with him. Skeeter says that he is under arrest,and is awaiting reinforcements before they decide where his tribunal wil lbe. They will probably send him to Sundabar. Captain Kavanna wil be taking over when she arrives, so Captain Rivense is holding off any decisions knowing that he has some consequences coming his way as well.

In the morning, we awaken and begin to go about our morning business, when a small stone falls out of the sky next to Gil. He picks it up and a small image apears from the stone of an old friend of Gils, with a short message that he would like Gil to come see him soon. We go over to the barracks to deliver the tapestry. Talking with the Captain, we relay the occurances at the hags house, and that they were cultists of asmodius. We attempt to hand over the hags journal, when Private Zamthest steps up and takes it from us, with a stern look from the captain, but aknowledging that he is not going to be in charge long. We tell them about the portal, and the time line, and he says that if we don’t succeed, they have no way to battle any great evil at this time. They are just waiting for captain Kavanna. Grimes asks for a rite of passage to pass through any camps that we may come upon, on our trek into the mountains. They agree and give us one with the Captains seal.

We give them the tapestry from the Hags house, and when asked about why there are two ravens (Dragons) depicted in the picture, could there be another? They tell us that Furmissagon was the dragons name that was killed, and there is no mention or knowledge of another dragon. We aquire the horses from Eladrin again, and the Captain gives us two pack mules to take along with us. We then depart the fort once more on our treck towards the mountain.

The weather is cool going up into the hills. As we get to the base of the mountain we find several holes, caves, mines, when we come up to the place where it seems we are supposed to go according to the journal entries. Ryltar having knowledge of dungeoneering takes the lead. We venture down a ten foot wide passage with Ryltar 100 feet in front of us, using his dark vision and some underground skills that require us to be far far away.. He soon comes back to where we are at and tells us that the cavern exits into a large chanber, with a large creature with feathers and beak, but looking more like a bear. (Owlbear). The cavern is filled with about 6 inches of snow, which is melting around the huge bonfire in the center of the room. There are symbols along the walls, Which Mordryn thinks are possibly devilish by the crude drawings from Ryltar, but he would need to see them first hand.

As we get closer to the entrance to the chamber a keening screech fills the cavern as the beast looks towards the party. Garros approachhes it, as it looks at him moving it’s head side to side, as if curious. It suddenly retreats back behind the bonfire, throwing down it’s deer carcass. The Symbol on the wall nearest to Garros burst flames out, bathing him in fire. (Hellsfire Symbol) Garros continues to attempt to calm the beast, which seems to be be on its best defenses, but not threatening. A small flame blasts from the top of the pillar to our right hitting Garros. As we look there are two floating flaming skulls atop the pillar. Ryltar and Gil can see them from their distance, but they setle back down out of view from Garros’ position. Gil approaches one of the symbols and tries to eraase it from the wall, but as he runs his hand across one, it smears and then coalescs back into form.

Grimes Goes up to the pillar and climbs up the side of one and breaths fire on the fire skulls.. Hitting them both, but dealing no damage. Ryltar shoots two arrows at them missing both. Garros shifts into cat form, climbs the pillar biting into one of the skulls dazing it. Gil climbs the pillar as well, as one of the skulls moves away from the pillar and then 15 more feet into the air. As the other one moves Gil swipes at it and it goes another 15 feet into the air. Grimes pulls his crossbow and strikes one, as Garros takes a running leap at the one to the north. Ryltar also hits one with his bow. The Owlbear comes in from the darkness and charges grimes, missing him, then Gil comes down from the pillar slashing at it. The Flaming Skull shoots a fireball between Gil and Grimes, where it seems to form itself which excludes the owlbear from taking damage. Mordrynn charges the owlbear from around the pillar as another symbol bursts out setting him on fire in the process. The Owlbear grabs Gil with both arms in a bear hug. The Flaming skulls continue to throw in fireballs, basking the area in fire each round. Ryltar hits a skull with arrows killing it. Garros throws a grasping tide at the other. The Owlbear bites Gil, as he breaks free of his grasp with a venomous bloodfang attack. As the skull attempts to run away from Garros the grasping tide slams it to the ground. Grimes, Mordrynn, and Gil continue to battle the owlbear, and Garros continues to battle the remaining skull. Ryltar shoots arrows at the Owlbear. Grimes yells to the party that they need to group up for inspiration. Garros comes back into battle with the owlbear, pouncing on it, causeing it to screech out. Grimes calls out to stand tough, giving the party needed healing. Ryltar slams the remaining skull with a pair of arrows killing it. The owlbear screaches out stunning Mordrynn, then claws out at him, ripping through his armor. As the Owlbear attempts to flee, Grimes and Gil give chase, keeping it surrounded. Gil slams him into the adjacent cliff as Grimes manages a vicious critical hit, slaying him. In his treasure we find some platinum and gold totalling 600 gp.

After the battle with the Chicken Hawk and the Flaming heads, Ryltar tries to figure out these Symbols that seem to be spraying fire out randomly. He figures out that some of them are actually real, and others are only illusionary, and the ones that are real have some sort of timer, or delay that once fired can not be fired again for a certain amount of time. Like they need to recharge or something.

Where do our heros venture next? Do they cut up the Overgrown chicken and roast him over the open fire? Can they figure out which symbols to stay clear of?? Walls that spray flames… Skulls that throw flaming balls… Flaming bon fire.. Seems like whoever lives here is a huge flamer.. Why does Todds characters always catch on fire?



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