Heroes of the Blue Flame

Session 2

Just Where is that Crazy Dwarf Lady?

Meanwhile back at the ranch….

There are stables to the left, otherwise stands a simple wooden house. Behind the house is a vast open expanse where the ranch would be. There are labored sounds coming from the stable area. Perhaps the birthing of a horse. Inside the stable is the Eladran Rancher up to his arms in birthing a horse. He also has a large wound in his side, perhaps where the horse has kicked him. Garros asks to assist him with the horse, which he agrees. Mardrynn and Grimes also assist, where we successfully manage to get the foal to come out. He then accepts the offers of help to his wounds, which are beyond regular bandaging, so Grimes gives him some inspiring words to heal. He then offers food and drink and opens his home to us. He is the first person who seems to have no fear that we, as strangers, are here.

Speaking with him further, he talks about Private Zamthist finally gaining his keep in the gaurds respect. He then has his daughters serve us food. Trellin(?) the Crazy dwarf lady was to meet someone who was buying two horses down south near the mountians. Asteril may know of her whereabouts. After more discussion Grimes asks about whether the evils have been going on prior to the Crazy Lady ariving. Astril says that the evil doing started about the same time that the Lady arrived prophesying the doom. Grimes says that he needs to find Trellin to determine what is going on.

Astril and his daughters are curious as to why Ryltar wears a cowl over his head, He states it is Spellplague, and they leave it at that.

Gil wants to attempt to stakeout the town tonight. Ryltar says he can watch the front gate, but Gil wants to watch more of the town. Gil and Garros circumvent the town, climb the cliff and watch over the town from above, while Ryltar sneaks over to the unfinished building next to the gate. Grimes stays across the street. As Ryltar trys to gain access to the second story window he falls, landing on his feet and taking no damage, but the gaurds spotlight the house as if they heard something.

Garros from his birdseye view spots a pair of wagons pulled by two horses, by the wearhouses placing bundles into the wagons. The Wagons then depart the fort. Ryltar follows the wagons, as Grimes returns to the ranch to attempt to gain access to a horse. He realizes he cant ride a horse, so he takes off rounding the ranch to get to the road south of the fort. Ryltar continues to follow the wagon as it turns off the main road, onto a smaller trail, headed to a grove of trees. Ryltar attempts to close the distance to jump onto the back of the wagon, remaining stealthy, and seems to succeed, holding onto the back of the wagon. Grimes Continues following the wagon tracks in the road. Grimes comes to a place where he has lost the tracks of the wagon, and Ryltar. He pulls his sunblade to brighten up the road, but has no more success locating the tracks than he did in the moonlight. He decides to put his sword away and stop to think. After a short time he decides to go back to the ranch to get his companions.

Garros and Gil return to the ranch house to find it quiet, with Grimes and Ryltar nowhere to be found. Garros using his tracking ability, follows Grimes tracks around the ranch to the road, where he is unsure of which direction they go. They decide to head south and pick up the tracks once again. After a short travel they see Grimes walking back up the road with his sunblade in hand. Grimes tells them that he followed Ryltar and the wagon tracks as far as he could, but he can’t tell one track from another now. Garros says that he can continue to follow the tracks. He finds where the wagon turned off the main road, and we continue to follow them into the small grove, where there are two small buildings located in thier midst. One that looks like a residence, and one that looks more for storage, such as a barn. Garros circles the encampment to the back side of the barn, where he tries the back door that is locked. He Climbs up the barn to a window, but can not see through it. He continues to the roof. He climbs back down the barn, goes around to the where he is close to the two men by the fire, and howls. They jump up, one runs, as the other grabs a crossbow. Garros pounces on the one running, as Gil and Grimes charge in. Garros takes a crossbow bolt to the side, as he pounces on the running gaurd and smashes his head into the ground knocking him unconcious. Gil and Grimes continue to run in, as Grimes Shoots the other gaurd with his crossbow. Killing him. Garros bandages his wounds, and brings him back to life, as the lights begin to come on in the house. Grimes picks up one gaurd and carries him into the woods. Garros finishes bandaging the wounded gaurd. They then hide back into the wood where they find that his wounds tore open. Grimes heals him, as Ryltar arives from his escapade.

After talking with Ryltar, it seems that the gaurds are stealing from themselves, and transporting the weapons out here to this encampment. Ryltar has grabbed a dagger from the supplies, to present to the Private as evidence to support our story.

As the search party from the house continues to get closer to the party, Ryltar says we must go now, and disappears into the woods. After a brief discussion of flee or confront, it was decided that we were going to have a chat. We step out of the woods into the fire light, as the search party comes to a screaching halt, Grimes demands.. WHO GOES THERE?.. This seems to startle the search party, who then ask who we are. I tell them my name (with a few looks of why did you do that from his companions) and tells them that we are here to inspect the goods. This seems to confuse them more and they say that no one has ever come to inspect the goods before, and what are we doing out here at this time of the morning. I then tell them that Lt Stimers sent us to return the goods to Fort Dolor. Someone has found out and he needs the good returned tonight. After a bit of talking, (and alot of laughing at grimes’ fumbling for another good lie, out of character) and a little intimidation, (and some great bluff checks, and one or two not so good ones.. ) they finally agreed to let us take the wagons and goods back to Fort Dolor, and even repacked them into the wagon from their hidy hole in the barn.

We decided to stash the goods in a small grove of trees near the fort, and decided to get a good sleep before trying to take them into town. About noon the next day we awoke and send Gil and Garros to the ranchers house to get him to go into town and bring out the Private to ask him to come out to where the wagon is, so we can show him. He told them that he could not leave his post at the fort, and if we brought the wagon into town, as proof of what the Lt has been doing, that he could almost assure us safety from the gaurds. That the towns people would back us. So they agreed, that we would bring the wagon back into town.

On the way back into town, we came upon some debris in the road, and beyond that was Lt Stimers with a group of soldiers, Leading a couple of Wild Boars. Before anything could be said, Lt Stimers jumped on one of the boars and charged at us. Ryltar found cover behind a barrel and hid in shadows, as the rest of the party charged into battle. Garros threw up a huge wall of thorns that entangled Lt Stimers and his wild boar, as Ryltar hit him with a couple of well placed arrows. Grimes threw his dragon breath between the two hogs, then hit the second rider with a well placed crossbow bolt. They had 4 dwarven bolters, that had deadly accuracy firing bolts from afar, pelting Grimes and Garros repeatedly. Ryltar continued to fire arrows from his shady position, as the group took down Lt Stimers, then the war pigs. The deadly accurate arrows from the Bolters finally got the best of Grimes and he fell. Mardrynn came to his aid, just as the final soldiers fell, and the group started after the dwarven bolters. After killing one, the others threw down thier crossbows and surrendered. (There was alot more battle specifics, I just don’t remember what everyone else was doing specifically. I couldn’t take notes while trying to figure out what i was going to do before it was actually my turn.)

Upon questioning them, we found out that the Iron Council was buying the goods from Lt Stiimers, and his crooked cronies. From his streetwise knowledge, Grimes knows that The Iron Council is a group that deals mainly with thieves and back alley shady people in large towns, and settlements. We also found out that with the Lt dead, Private Zamthest would be the highest ranking soldier left in town, and we decided to return to town with the wagon, the captured dwarven bolters, and bodies of the fallen soldiers. As we entered town, we were met by Private Zamthest who told us that just after he arrived back at his post, he was confronted by the Lt who found out about his meeting with us, and had him locked up. Some of his honorable soldiers came to his rescue, where they managed to fight thier way out of the barracks, taking the rest of the corrupt soldiers into custody, as well as Goodman Oramond. Goodman Oramond said that he saw the Captain going into the Herbalist shop just two days earlier with the harlot, and he has been watching the shop waiting for the captain to return, but he has not come back out as far as he knows.

Private Zamthest tells us that he has sent word to Fort Revanan for reinforcements, and that Captain Kavana should be arriving soon. She is bringing additional troops with her. But it would be his wish that we should stay and help protect the fort until she arrives.



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