Heroes of the Blue Flame

Session 3

Meanwhile.. Back at the fort…

Private Zamthest states that we have free access to the Herbalist shop due to the belief that the Captain may be being held there. We decide to take a short rest in Skeety’s place, where he brings us hot towels, and food.

At the Herbalist shop we knock on the door and shortly thereafter the door opens, and Phlen standing in the doorway, an older human white hair white beard. Garros asks if he is Phlen, and he says that he is. Garros asks about his nutrient techniques with the herbs he has growing, and his eyes brighten up and says ah, you are familiar with these.. come in come in.. Garros stops him and says that is not the primary reason we are here. He stops and asks what is it.. Garros says that we are looking for the captain. he steps back, and asks who we are.. Garros introduces us and he says welcome.. We enter into his house and he closes the door.. It is a small room with a hallway to our left, with a half door at the end of the hallway, and a normal door closer to the main room. He offers us some tea, and runs off to where we presume is the kitchen. Ryltar sneaks down the hallway to listen at the door he just went behind. Grimes goes to the open door that leads to another hallway, ending with a door and a screen. (Out to the Greenhouse). Ryltar hears normal sounds as if someone was making tea. Cups, kettles, trays. After a short time he comes back into the room with a tray of cups and tea.. He then asks what else brings us to his home. We again ask about the captain, and he says he hasn’t seen him for a ride or so. (Ten days).. He seems to be unnerved about the conversation, figiting. I ask about the conflicting stories between what he si saying ans what Mr Oramond has told us, and he asks me to repeat the story from Mr Oramond. He again repeats that he has been here the whole time, and hasn’t seen him. Ryltar decides he has heard enough and decides to attempt to search the house. Phlen says hey wait.. excuse me.. this is my house.. Grimes steps in front of Ryltar, and says hey, this is his house, we aren’t going to go snooping around while he is objecting. Ryltar says he is going to look around anyway. Grimes tries to convince Ryltar that we need to go get the Privates permission to search the house, without Phlens permission, since he is here now. We initially came here assuming the Herbalist was not present. Ryltar demands to search the house, and continues to push his way in. Grimes, Garros and Mordrynn say if that is what you are going to do, then you are doing it without us. The old man asks us to leave, and we convince Ryltar to leave as requested, under duress.. We discuss that we can go ask Private Zamthist for authority to look around the Herbalist house.

At the barracks, Private Zamthist says that he doesn’t know of any rooms in his house that go into the hillside, but there is a wall that butts against the cliff. He says that we can take one of the soldiers back over and have a look around if Phlen isn’t willing to allow us access. Garros says that he would rather go try to talk with the old man and see if he can regain his friendship, and make appologies, before we bring in the soldier to force the search. Mordrynn goes with Garros up to the shop and knocks on the door. Phlen answers the door after a couple knocks, quite angrily still, as Garros and Mordrynn say they are here to make applogies. He tends to calm down, and asks where the dark fellow was, as he looks around. Garros says that it would be in the best interests if they can put things to rest and have a look around, as Mordrynn says he is really just interested in more of his tea.. He perks up and seems much more interested in that than having his home invaded. He tells Garros that he can look around at his leasure, or he can show them about. Garros says please, to have him lead them through the house. He leads them into the greenhouse first, where there are three rows of shelves full of potted plants with herbs and different types of fungi against the wall nearest the windows. Garros finds that most of the types of plants seem to come from the underdark and torrid regions.

Further into the house… He passes the closed door in the hallway saying that leads to his bedroom. The far door leads to the kitchen where he leads them. There is a fire pit set into the cliff side, with a hole going into the rock above where the smoke escapes. Before they can get a really good look around, he says “Now lets get back to that tea”, as Garros stops him and says he just needs to stick his head in his bedroom and take a look around. After a couple words of persuation He says ok, let me go find the key. As the door opens there are two people sitting on the side of the bed, a middle-aged human male, dressed in layered plate armor, carries a longsword, and shield. Cradeled under his left arm lies the crying Xereiope. The captain says Phlen I told you not to interupt us, and he says that we wanted to see into the room.. he says to go away.. when Garros explains that his fort is in dissaray, the Lt is dead, and his town may be under attack soon, He doesn’t seem to be bothered by it and says that he has this lass to take care of. As he is telling them this, Garros and Mordrynn notice the girl look up and through her sobs grins, and then begins her sobbing once more. Mordrynn demands that he comes out with them, and the Captain says that we must leave now, he will not leave the lass in despair. He then tells Phlen to have us leave. Phlen says that we must go. Mordrynn says we will not go without him. She then rushes out from under the captains arm, and flops into a corner sobbing. The Captain Obviously angered by this, then stands, picks up his shield and says he will not say it again, you must leave. Mordrynn says that he really needs to come outside and answer some questions, as the girl looks up and sobs, “make them go away”. Phlen runs away into the kitchen as he senses what is about to happen. And initiative is rolled..

The Captain draws his sword, and says you will leave now.. Garros tells Mordrynn that he is going to bring in the rest of the party, as he shifts to beast form and runs out of the house. He sees us standing off to the side of the house and gets our attention. As Mordrynn engages the Captian. The Captain knocks Mordrynn off ballance, as Garros Runs back into the house, and the party runs in to help. Garros charges into the room straight to the girl. Ryltar runs past Grimes into the house as he is pulling his bow. Mordrynn clinks his sword off the Captains armor again, as Gil rushes into the house, asks Mordrynn if he is a willing target, and Fey switches with him, as they switch places in battle. Grimes rushes in with his Scimitar bared, attacking the captain. Ryltar attempts to hide behind the door for cover. Gil pushes the Captain up against a vanity breaking the mirror. Xeriope (the girl) then pushes a button on the wall as two spinegon (Spined Devils) come out from behind a panel that opened. Garros reverts to Humanoid form, and shifts away from the captain. He then casts Fairy Fire at the Devils and the girl in the corner. The Spiney Devils shoot out a shower of spines, that are poisoned, As the girl begins attempting to mentaly dominate the party members. Ryltar advances to the door and pelts the devils with arrows, slaughtering one almost single handedly, as Mordrynn seems to fall under the girls powers. Garros continues to say kill the girl, kill the girl, but no one seems to be listening, or understanding, as he shifts from one form to another. Grimes continues to move his companions into better positions, as he sends out words of inspiration.. Mostly to himslef, than anyone else.. Two more devils come out from the kitchen as Ryltar, calls for grimes to get out here.. talking about the hallway.. As he realizes that isn’t going to happen before the devils get there, he rushes into the room, and gets behind the door. The Devils arrive at the doorway and begin to shoot thier spines into the room, poisoning Grimes, and Mordrynn. As the beating on the girl, and her mental captain coninue, Garros and Gil fall in behind them, and Ryltar slams the door shut to attempt to keep the devils out. The Devils then open the door and come into the room, to put Grimes in an advantageous position for the Captain. Xeriope tries to escape over the vanity as Gil slams her down, knocking the Captain down at the same time. Grimes attepmts to fight his way out his dicey predicament, with little effect, just as Garros pounces on the girl. The Captain then stunns Grimes, as Xeriope then arches back and seems to rip open, as a Succubus seems to erupt from her form. She bares her teeth and screams that we have had it now, but just as she gets Mordrynn under her powers again, Ryltar slams her with a couple of arrows killing her. The captain seems to come out of his trance, looking around, sees the devils, and shouts.. Devils!!!!.. as he rushes out to attack them, calling for the party to help him. Mordrynn steps up beside him, laying his hands on the captain, as the devils are finally brought down by the party.

Questioning the Captain, he seems to remember nothing after bringing the girl back to the barracks, into his office, and sharing a delicious kiss with her.

In the Kitchen is an area behind a tapestry that extends into the mountain that has lots of bones, and scrapings that makes it seem to have held more devils than were present in the house. Phlen doesn’t have any memory of when the last time it was used. He says he used to use it as a storage area/pantry, but can’t recall the last time he was in there. It is concluded that he was probably also seduced by Xeriope, the succubus.

In the bedroom there is also a small hidden room where the other two devils came from, that also has more bones, and fecal material that would suggest this space has also held more devils than what we just encountered.

On the Succubus is a Small Pouch with a grotesque statue made of platinum.. estimated to be in the 1000gp range.. a Begemmed Dagger.. with a Topaz in the pomel.. In a Sachel is a crudely drawn map. This seems to be indicating a path from Fort Dolor to a location 2-3 miles south west along the mountain range. This is what we deem to be the location of the Crazy Dwarf Lady. Capt Rivence begins to realize what was happening, but says he has no memory of what he has done for quite a while.



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