Heroes of the Blue Flame

The dangers of water: or why Garros is going to have to lick himself clean

July 15, 2010

The session found us locked in battle with eyeless humanoids. Due to Mordynn’s diplomacy we were able to, at least temporarily, gain the help of the knight Denlina (no idea how her name is spelled). The battled raged back and forth through the east area of first floor of the tower, but focused dangerously near the waterfall rushing to the north and east.

Gil used his eledrick abilities to shove our enemies off the edge, with some help from Garros. Garros divided the battle field with a wall of thorns. Grimes, Mordynn and our mysteriously slimy knight went toe to toe with the blind fiends in the north west. Back and forth they went, blow after blow from our martial men and woman bloodied each of the big eared opponents near them, while fending off, mostly, the eyeless monsters’ ability to shift around the battle field. Ryltar pierced our foes with arrows, until he moved too far south and drew the attention of some fire breathing t-rex like beasts on the floor above. He fell back even more south, out of the view of the rest of the party, blood seeping out of a number of wounds as the t-rexs chased after him.

Garros, losing a dangerous amount of blood and an unsightly amount of fur took to the skies in his raven form. While flying about Gil, both Garros and Gil were hit by one of the t-rex’s fiery blasts. This knocked Garros unconscious. He polymorphed back into his humanoid form and plummeted into Gil. Gil made a desperate grab and latched onto Garros’s belt, holding him from the pull of the waterfall.

Grimes and Mordynn moved towards the calamity and one of them was able to heal Garros from a far (sorry, I know both of you tried to heal Garros, but I don’t recall which power ended up being actually used). Denlina was able to create an opening and Gil was able to move away from the water fall.

As the session ended, Garros was lying, back conscious, in the waterfall’s edge. Will be able to hold himself on the ledge? Will he be able to slip way from the eyeless enemies adjacent to him? We will see . . .



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