Heroes of the Blue Flame

The Portal

The Portal seems to be at rest, as we interrupted the ritual to open the portal before it was finished. Surveying the room we notice that it seems to be the main cavern to an elder white dragon. We pray over the womans body who Ickyrot threw into the portal.

Gil determines upon further examination that this is a Portal linking to the plane of Dis, which is the second plane of the nine hells. Dis is a city of burning heat. There is an Archdevil that rules this level from the Iron Tower, which is seeingly impregnable and reaches high into the sky and can be seen from every corner of this plane. The Portal gives off an aura of indestructablity, that has weathered time. Garros determines that the portal can be closed with the use of a powerful ritual, but is in the realm of arcana, which is not within his science of abilities.

Garros ponders back upon the carving on the wall about angelic beings coming through the portal with looks of shock or disgust upon thier faces. Going back through our journal we find that the event was in the room with the Owlbear, and they were coming through the wall in the portal room, but not through the portal itself. As if they were looking into the portal room, or perhaps into the portal itself.

Garros flys out of the entrance in the top of the mountain, and determines that the openign is large enough for a large dragon to fit through. Once outside he can see for miles in all directions. He sees a herd of Huge creatures that resemble wooly mamoth type creatures with ivory tusks, and short trunks.

Grimes searches ickyrot and his damnable fiends and finds an assortment of coins totalling 600 gp. Minted from the Luruar region, which is where we are located currently. On Ickyrot himself is a fairly grusom find. Among the multitude of chains I find a belt pouch to find a human arm, severed at the elbow, with a pair of tight matched bracelelts in electrum, studded with Amethists, These were made to be worn tightly around the arm, or possibly the ankle. On the lead cambian is a platinum diodum. (Head band) It is inlayed with a single saphire carved into the shape of a long blade pointing downwards. Upon examining this further we notice it is historicaly known as the battle diodum, which is an orcish heirloom, worn by the lead orcish tribesman of the withering vale. This is passed down to whoever bests the owner of the diodum. There is also a small pouch with two amethists, and ritual components.

The matched pair of bracelets go for roughly 250 gp each. The Diodum would go for 1200 gp. The amethists are valued at approximately 50gp each.

Against the back wall we see a framed painting partially covered by a tarp. there is a lump, in front of the painting, under the tarp, with a potion vile on top of the tarp, with a sparkling white stone. As we approach the stone, we notice there are two stones, and the air gets noticably colder. Gil detects it as a Frozen Wet Stone. Garros sniffs the potion attempting to identify it, and he recognizes it as a Potion of Clarity. As we remove the painting, we find a picture of a beautiful sunset over a rolling desert scene with a roaming caravan. Set into the corner of the painting is draconic script that is probably the artist signature. (Cryath Duhash, who is an acomplished draconic artist, who comes from Tethyr region called Saradush) We figure that the painting with the frame is in the range of 800 gp. There is a jade carved statue of a fat man in a cross legged pose, holding up his left hand with his first two fingers together pointed up. Garros notices that the carving is of a solid stone of jade, valued in the 1000 gp range. Gil determines that it may be a depiction of Ilmater, or Waukeen, but he doesn’t ever recall any depiction of either of those beings religions favoring jade.

As we are trying to figure out why all of these items are placed here, or how they came to be here, Garros reflects back on the cultists,and tries to determine if they came from this region. He thinks that most did, but some may have come from surrounding lands. Garros was thinking that perhaps this land may be a great settling area for his people, who may be able to protect the portal until a way can be determined to close it.

Gil determines that the portal is in a dormant state. It is unable to be used from the other side, but could be restarted from this side if the ritual is restarted. It is unsure what would happen if we just walked into the portal, whether we would be pushed back, passed through, or if it would restart the portal, or if we would blow up, like the girl who was thrown into it. Gil picks up the severed arm and throws it into the portal, where it gets consumed in a pulsing pinkish light, and disapears. Then the portal returns to a dormant state. Grimes and Garros detest his actions, which are idiotic at least, and completely irresponsible and insane at best, as the possibility that this would reopen the portal. He then picks up a rock and throws it through, from a distance, where the rock dissapears into the portal, but we are unsure what exactly happened to the rock. Grimes begins to argue with Gil about why he is messing with the portal. He says he wants to experiment, and find out how it works. Grimes wants to leave it alone, and find a way to destroy it. Its my journal.. Gil is an idiot.

Garros inquires about how we could get in touch with angels. Mordrynn says that the priests back in the purple dragon have that ability. We discuss how we are going to leave this portal without being gaurded. We know that there is only the one entrance by foot. We can leave here and go to the miners camp where we left the horses, and get a garrison of military to stand watch on the entrance until we return. Gil is afraid that they may be cultists infiltrated into the military, who may be able to open the portal before we return. Garros says he can send an animal messenger to Private Zamthist, once we reach the entrance. He sends a squirrel off into the distnace with a message, then make camp. The next day we wake, and eat breakfast, then lunch, and dinner.

Garros and Grimes talk about Grimes family, and the wars in calimshan, and what it would take for him to get his family to leave, and possibly use this place as a settleing to start over. Garros thinking the same with his tribe. Using his people to protect the portal if we can not find a way to destroy it. Grimes thinks it may be a good idea to get his people out of calimshan, but then it may be putting his people in danger, for as long as the portal is here, there is a chance of it being opened and killing everyone.

Just as it gets dark, and we are settling down, we hear horses in the distance. Private Zamthist arrives with 5 soldiers. They dismount and enter camp, as we notice that he wears a new bronze pin, depicting that he is now a Sword Sergeant, which is two steps up from Private. Grimes tells Garros that he is now a Sgt, and we congratulate him on his new rank. We then tell him that the bad guys are dead. That there are cultist in cahoots with the devils, and they are cultists of Asmodeus. He says that there were also cultists found in the village who have been captured. We notify him of the Portal to Dis, and that we need to try to research ways to close the portal, but we can not leave it ungaurded. He tells us that he will take it upon himself, and to inform Captain Kavana that he is here. He says that he has a few supplies, but can send a man to the miners camp to resupply as needed. Captain Kavana has also sent word to Sundabar to send reinforcements. She only brought about 20 men from Fort Brim, which was about a quarter of what they had there. We drag out the cultist supplies from the caverns to set them for weeks if necessary.

Garros asks Sgt Zamthist if he would mind if his people came to live in the area. He tells them that they are a people of shifters. He seems unphased, and says that because of his looks as a teifling, he has put up with the odd looks and predjudices, so he would not mind at all. He also tells Garros to go look for the People of the Black Blood in a nearby region. They are gypsies, shape changers, howlers, who are fierce protecters of thier lands. Garros feels that the Sgt is holding back some information, but doesn’t inquire more. We then leave, get our horses form the miners camp, and ride back to the fort.

We find a hesistant and anxsious croud about the fort. They seem to go have gone back to thier daily buisness. They gather together in small groups as we pass. We are greeted by a private at the gates. He tells us that we are to come and warm ourselves with good drink, and that Captain Kavana would like to see us. He leads us back into a small house where the Capt is located, where she is looking over many maps, with colored tokens. She is in discussion with a birdlike fellow writing in a binder, who stands and backs into a corner as she approaches us, welcomeing us back. Soup and drinks are brought in for us to consume, which some do hastely. After some small talk about Sgt Zamthist, the discussion turns to the Cultists. She tells us of the widespread infiltration and of their supplies. Stateing that they probably were here for 5 or 6 months prior to us arriving.

When asked about the possibility of there being two dragons in the region, One of which was killed protecting this portal, she tells us that we should inquire Radiant Priest Kenrom Shea (Blessed of the light, Child of the radiant blessing) from Fort Kith to the west. He may have more information as to the history of this area. We talk about Sgt Zamthist and his situation, and that he is staying to protect the portal entrance.

She doesn’t like the fact that she is losing 6 men to protect the fort, but seems to understand. We make it clear that if the portal is reopened they wil lahve more problems than anything they have here now, but she doesn’t take kindly to the warning. Telling us that the Eldrith Valuthra (ryltar says he thinks that is elven words that mean true blood elf). She tells us that they are against anything not elven. And detest the fact that the humans have encroached upon them, and cast out of the mainland. She says that her scouts are seeing movements from them recently outside of Moonwood, which is where they live. Grimes tells her that the threat from the Valuthra is valid, but if the portal is reopened, the things that come out of that thing will not even compare to the danger form the valuthra.

We discuss going to Fort Kith. Gil asks if we can send a messenger to have the Priest come here, where she begins to stammer and ask if we want him to come here? She says that would not be a good idea. We then ask her humble opinion if she thinks that us leaving would not be detrimental to the fort. She leaves the room, and Gil and Garrros catch a glimps of Capt Revince strolling up next to Kavana, but he was not in a Capt uniform. He had been demoted and was wearing a large bracelet type of item. We then discuss whether we are going to go to Fort Kith, or attempt to take on the elves first.



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