Grimes Minor



Currently.. 2/3/10 Level 9 WARLORD Dragonborn Male Good HP 68 Str 20 SP 5 Con 16 Init +10 Dex 10 AC 23 Int 11 Fort 22 Wis 8 Ref 17 Char 16 Will 20 Healing Surge Value 20 Healing Surges 10 Passive Insight 13 Passive Perception 14 Skills: Acrobatics 3 Arcana 4 Athletics 8 Bluff 7 Diplomoacy 12 (T) Dungeoneering 3 Endurance 11(T) Heal 8(T) History 6 Insight 3 Intimidate 14(T) Nature 3 Perception 4 Religion 4 Stealth 3 Streetwise 7 Thievery 3

Race Features: Dragon Breath, Dragon Breath Strength, Dragon Breath Fire, Dragonborn Fury, Draconic Heritage Class Features: Combat Leader, Commanding Presence, Inspiring Presence, Inspiring word Feats: Improved Initiative, Hurl breath, Dragonborn Frenzy, Improved Inspiring Word, Dragonborn Senses Languages: Common, Draconic   Powers: At Will: Wolf Pack Tactics, Brash Assault Encounter: Second Wind, Dragon Breath, Inspiring Word, Hammer and Anvil, Dicey Predicament, Lions Roar Daily: Fearless Rescue, Stand the Fallen, White Raven Strike Utility: Heroic Effort, Stand Tough Magic Items: Other Equipment: Sunblade Scimitar, +1 (E) Adventurers Kit (Complete) Vicious Hand Crossbow, +1 Everburning Bowl (picked up) Immolating Chainmail, +2 (E) Scented Oil (10 pints) Bracers of Bold Maneuvering (E) Bastard Sword (picked up) Medallion of Death Deferred, +2 (E) Silk Clothing w/ Shemagh Storm Shield (Light) (E) Matching Bracelets Potion of Healing Kris Knife (picked up)  


Grimes Minor Grimes comes from the region called Calimshan, an unforgiving war ravaged desert. His parents are third generation warlords, who swore allegiance to the forces of Calim in the war that rages on without end. Grimes believes that, THAT war is a catalogue of blunders. And the war in this area is being fought because of entities that no longer reside there. Because of this belief he has developed a dislike for both the Djinn, and Efreet, who pitted many generations against one another for their fun, and then departed leaving the region in chaos. When Grimes decided that he wanted to use his training to pursue a life out of the continuous battles and conflicts in the area, his parents granted him leave from his homeland with the hopes that he would someday return, but knowing that he would not.

Grimes is a Dragonborn, male, with dark red scales, and red chain mail armor. He stands a tall 6’8”, and is over 300 lbs. He breaths fire and can also hurl his breath. He always carries with him a large scimitar, which seems to pulse with light, and a small light shield which he uses to bash into his foes with a thunderous crash. He has an intimidating demeanor which he uses in battle as well as in social settings.

He doesn’t back down from many, and with his friends backs down from no challenge, as long as it is in the battle for good. (or good natured) He once took on 6 pirates, who just arrived by ship, because they ordered him to stay out of their way, while they were (unbeknownst) looting one of the shops, run by the local thieves guild, in the Dragon Coast. The guild offered to hire him as a mercenary, which he refused, but to this day, a mention of his name usually grants him and his companions, unhindered passage through their territory.

In battle he tends to rush in without fear, and cause foes to place themselves in precarious positions, or calls out to allies with inspiring calls of boldness, and invigorating war cries, inspiring them to feats of greatness, and stamina to withstand wounds.

He is usually very quiet in social settings, but once his mind is set on something, he has an uncanny ability to talk people into doing things, from getting the lowest price in a shop, to getting a table in the tavern, to talking his way out of arrest (usually due to something one of his companions has done). When talking doesn’t work he can get very intimidating. He tends to sit in positions where his back is against the wall, so he can survey whatever room he happens to find himself in. Because of his training, and upbringing, he has never had any one with whom he has fallen in love with, and he doesn’t seem to have a promiscuous personality. He doesn’t drink often, and usually only in the shady parts of town, because he tends to get bold when he drinks, and it usually ends up with catching something on fire.

You know that he misses his home, or at least his family and tribe, but has spoken outwardly about not wanting to return to that region, possibly convincing his family to leave Calimshan before they all end up dead in a war and a land that they have no vetted interest in.   Personality: Grimes tends to wrap his Shemagh over his snout when going into battle, leaving only the very end exposed to show his snarl, and give access for his breath weapon, if needed. At times he will also completely cover his face with his Shemagh while walking through a strange town, or place. And it is great to use when the wind is blowing, or in sandy areas.

Manerisms & Appearance: Over his armor, Grimes wears a large flowing silk white shirt, and bright Red baggy pants, under a Black and Red Silk robe with large billowing half sleeves, and Gold Ribbon inlayed throughout in swirling circles, clasped down the chest with large gold buttons. It is slit from the mid-thigh down on all three sides, so it flows behind him when he walks, (and this gives him minimum interferance in battle) and loosely tied with a woven Black Rope Belt, with Golden Wrapping around the ends. He has a Black and Gold Shemagh, that wraps around his head and flows down his shoulders, chest, and back, with the left side hanging lower than the right, that can easily be wrapped over his snout. Holding the Shemagh firmly on his head is a black and gold headband, with blue, red, and yellow diamond shaped gemstones. Under the Shemagh, around his neck is a plain black leather necklace holding a large skull medallion that can be seen only when the Shemagh is pulled over his snout. . On his wrists he wears a set of matching gold cuffs. On his fingers he has gold rings with huge stones of various shapes and colors. He carries a backpack, a small shield emblazened with swirling clouds on the front, and a large scimitar.   In an attempt to get all the information needed to fill out your character’s background, please answer the following questions.

STEP 1 Write 5 things essential to your character’s background including previous adventures and events. -Grimes comes from the war ravaged land of Calimshan. His group of people live with (protect) a group of free humans near the city of Almraiven.

-He makes it perfectly clear to anyone who asks that he won’t return to Calimshan except to attempt to bring his people out of the region. -Made a pact with the thieves guild in the dragon coast after his run in with the pirates, that he would not fight against them as long as they gave him free passage.

STEP 2 List your character’s goal and things that you’d like to see happen to your character.

-Achieve high enough status (gold) to have a large piece of land where his family can live in peace. -Find a way to bring Ydnic Eelyad out of Calimshan.

STEP 3 List 2 secrets about your character. Keep in mind secrets that your character may not know yet.

Was actually given an honorary membership into the thieves guild of the dragon coast, but refuses to use it or tell anyone.

STEP 4 List 3 people that are tied to your character through blood, romance or honor. Include positive and negative reflections.

-Father, (Grimes Major)a warlord in Calimshan who leads the free humans in battles against anyone who tries to enslave them in the battle of forces in the region. There is actually a band, or tribe of Dragonborn that reside with the humans.

-Ydnic Eelyad, a female dragonborn in Calimshan who he would like to bring out of the region. He had a short lived romantic episode with her before leaving the area. Although he won’t talk about her openly. Her father refuses to allow her to leave, and thinks that Grimes isn’t worthy, since he “abandoned” his clan.

-Jop Roe, (Trusted Friend) a human from Calimshan who accompanied him to the edge of the wasteland before returning to the group. He is a Warlock who studied in Almraiven for many years before joining the free humans outside of its walls.

NEXT Below, describe your character in detail as you see fit. Relate any additional information that you believe is important or required.


-Honor seems to motivate him. He won’t break a promise if his life depends upon it. Anyone that knows him knows his word is as good as gold, But he trusts no one until they prove themselves.


-Doesn’t like to be cornered. But likes to sit with his back to the wall, so he can see what is going on in whatever situation he finds himself in. -Carries a dagger that he tends to play with all the time, or sticks it in tables, chairs, beds, walls, wherever it can become handy when needed..

Grimes Minor

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