Gil Geflimmer

An intensely curious, no nonsense student of the arcane arts channeling the power of the elements and eldritch through his sword.


Shoulder length black hair with a set of hip specs covering his blue eyes and topped off with a shaggy goatee. Adorned with a set of black leather armor with hues of red scattered throughout the piece and a flowing black cloak which seems to dance around him even when he is stationary. To add to this mysterious individual: at some times during the night, some swear they see blue wisps of energy crackle along his veins.

Gil wields a mighty one handed frost khopesh he uses to burn his enemies first then cool them down with a blast of frigid ice. He is adept at maneuvering not only himself but his opponents as well (whether they want to or not) around the battlefield.



Gil Geflimmer

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