Heroes of the Blue Flame

Session 1
A Journey to Fort Dolor

1394 Chuliac (july)

We have a rite of adventuring in Laruar, from Silvermoon. And have travelled towards an old fort. An old fort that used to be home to dwarves, now filled in with all manner of creatures. All attempts to tame it has been resisted. The land is temperate during the summer but the winters are hard. Even animals get desperate and approach humans looking for food. The last real threat was from an old white dragon, that was slain about two years ago.

As we approach Fort Dolor there is a palisade with new structures being built outside the palisade walls. There is no sign of movement or life except smoike rising from the chimney of a large building inside the palisade.

Inside the building as we approach it can hear voices but not anything understandable. The smell of food is coming from within. As we push the door aside, (Avalanch Inn) large casaks line the far wall and left wall. There is a dwarf with a pristinely clean apron, and a halfling female that has a large top knot orange hair. The suddenly go quiet and turn towards us.

The dwarf is named Skeety, the halfling is named Jirl. Both are deathly scared. He talks about the crazy dwarf lady that came to town and said some bad things. Something about the evil and the forest coming for them. And everything she said came true like a mad prophet woman. The last thing she said was that strangers would come to this town. Meaning to do good, but causing everyone to be killed by the evil.

A farm was attacked on the outskirts of town where only one person survived. The one who survived was the daughter of a farmer west of here. She was taken to the barracks about 3 weeks back. Now the soldiers are not coming back from patrols. Now everyone is scared. We can probably talk to Trugee the store owner.

There is a sign outside the store that says it is Trugees general store. The door is unlocked, I knock and anounce myself as we enter, and hear a bell ringing from within. A middle aged female elf comes out as a look of fear comes over her face. There is a overall feeling from some onthe party that we are being watched. Gil gets the sensation that there is a magical emination in two of the upper corners of the shop. When asked about the girl taken by the soldiers, she seems distracted and shakey, but says she isn’t sure about the girl. Captain Revinse and her were making moon eyes. Mordrynn asks about the crazy dwarf lady, and she says she came from the hills about 2 months now, and is set up outside of town in a hut near the river. Came into town spewing pure drivel, mad woman talk, but everything she said came true down to the day it would happen, and then she said that strangers would come and bring more evil. As she occasionally glances back at her desk, to a ledger or journal on the table. She says that no one gets left alive when evil strikes. Lt Stimers is probably in charge since Captain Rivinse hasn’t been seen in a couple weeks now. As we are talking with Trugees, Ryltar swaps the ledger on the table with another book from the shop. Garros asks about some rope, and she shows him some silk spider woven rope. Ryltar gives her the coin for the rope, then walks over to the door. Garros then asks about the warehouses and she says that oramont runs them. We then depart the store.

In the ledger/journal… The last entry states that Trugee is having trouble with Oramont, Stateing that he would have more room for her goods, but now states that he doesn’t have the room. When asked who was using the reserved space he refused to answer, and still wouldn’t give her money back (600Gp). She is waiting for Captain Revinse to return to deal with it. After a brief discussion we decided to give the book back. Ryltar gives the book to Gil, who says he will give the book back. Heading to the barracks…

The barracks are stone two story buildings, the doors are closed, windows are shuttered. As we approach Lt Stimers comes around the corner with eight soldiers, and introduces himself and says that the matters of the land are of military consequence. and refuses to answer any questions. They then go back into the barracks, leaving 3 men outside to watch us. Meanwhile Garros leaves the book at the door, knocks and hides behind the warehouses. As he is waiting for Trugee to answer the door he is spotted by a dwarf brandishing an axe who tells him to leave his warehouse, and stop snooping around like a thief. He continues watching as we meet up in front of the store as the book is still sitting on the step to the store.

Over to the herbalist shop.. The windows are not shuttered and a sweet smell permeates around it. The door is closed with many potted herbs on the porch. No one answers the door. Lt Stimer approaches asking us when we are going to be leaving. He speaks with Mordrynn specifically. Then Oramont starts spewing about the thief sulking around his warehouse. After a discussion we decide to leave, heading towards the river.

At the river we speak to the ferry man, who mentions Zareo. the cutie.. the sole survivor.. No the crazy dwarf lady… Where does she live… The hut down the river is where she lives.. The herbalist.. Flen, male human.. He has no information about the captain other than he went off to send out patrols. As we leave to go down by the river a number of horses pull up led by a teifling wearing the uniform of a private.

Private Zamthist, wishes to speak with us. Mordrynn says to step forward, and speak. He says he heard that we are looking for the captain. We tell him what we know, and he tells us that there is corruption abroad and within. Something is wrong. He says that the captain has been sending out patrols much too small to deal with anything they find, and to different locations. It is not right what he is doing, and not within any military manner. Seems to be sending men off to thier deaths. Because this is a military matter he has no authority to speak with us, but we can hide out at a ranch house. An Eladrin, named Asteril who will have us in his home and we can transfer information back and forth through him. He may also be able to smooth out the distrust that the Lt Stiimers has with us.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…


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