Current Party Treasure List

Treasure earned 2011-11-10

  • Enduring Beast Armor +3; A suit of boiled dire boar leathers (hide armor) – Property While you are in beast form, you regain 2 additional hit points whenever you spend a healing surge. Power (Healing) Daily (Minor Action) You spend a healing surge.
  • Dwarven Totem (Goblin Totem) +2; This metal weapon includes runes hanging from chains. Holding the totem makes you feel more capable of facing even formidably sized foes. – Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: +1d6 damage per plus Property Your attacks with this weapon against a creature larger than you have an item bonus to damage rolls equal to the weapon’s enhancement bonus.
  • Gauntlets of Blood (made from red dragon scales); The blood of wounded foes streams along the joints of these gauntlets. Property You gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls against bloodied targets.
  • A blue steel charm with a unicorn and an open hand on the front and roses and the sun on the back. — This did not give off magical energies, but stood out to our characters. Garros, a follower of Mielikki, Our Lady of the Forest, thought the unicorn might be her sign.
  • 1 small wooden box – not magical but somewhat divinely infused. Inside is a cut out holding shapes for what might figures of a shield and a dog.
  • 2 Potions of Clarity (L10) – Effect: You drink the potion. Once before the end of the encounter, when you make an attack roll for an encounter or a daily attack power and dislike the result, you can reroll the attack roll, but you must use the second result. The power’s level must be equal to or lower than the potion’s level. – Garros has 1
  • Elixir of Fortitude (L8) – Use this power after your drink the elixir. Once during this encounter, you can use an immediate interrupt action when you would be hit by an attack to gain a Fortitude defense of 25 against a single attack. This replaces your normal Fortitude defense for that attack.
  • Potion of Lesser Haste (L10) – You drink the potion and spend a healing surge. You gain an extra move action to use either during your current turn or your next turn.
  • 2 fire opals (1000gp each)
  • 1051 gp; 8 sp; 1 cp

Known Magical Items, in party treasure

  • magical jade statue – +1d6 bonus to roll – Ryltar
  • Diadem of battle – This simple silver band enhances the initiative and resolve of you and your allies. Level: 10 Price: 5,000 gp Item Slot: Head Property: You and each ally within 10 squares of you gain a +1 item bonus to initiative checks and a +2 item bonus to saving throws against fear effects.- Grimes
  • Gauntlets of blinding strikes These sleek gauntlets speed your strikes for a limited time. Level: 11 Price: 9,000 gp Item Slot: Hands Power (Daily): Standard Action. Make two melee basic attacks, each with a –2 penalty to the attack roll.- Mordynn
  • magical scimitar – +1 keen scimitar (3400gp; note this NOT the 3rd edition item of the same name, this has a daily (standard): make a melee basic attack with this weapon, if you hit, deal critical damage instead of normal (may be combined with a power that can be used as a MBA))
  • Magic spiked chain – +1 spiked chain (360gp)
  • Magic katar – +1 lifedrinker (1000gp)
  • Magic Amulet of Bane – Amulet of protection +2 (1800gp)
  • Amulet of Resolution +2 – Garros
  • Bashing shield (light shield)
  • Marauder’s Armor(leather armor) +2
  • arm bands of telepathy – equipped by Garros and Grimes

Magical Items, not fully identified, in party treasure

  • +3 aegis kukri, with an additional unknown property – Ryltar
  • burrowing boots, teleport 5, property – stand your ground – Mordynn
  • Oghman stone, amber in color, possibly tied to endurance – Gil?

Mundane Items of special value

  • bastard sword – 30g (actually worth 45g due to exceptional quality) Lt Steimer
  • dagger w/ gem – 1200gp
  • platinum statue – 1000gp
  • 2 amythysts – 100gp
  • 2 star amythysts- 2000gp

From 7/23/2010 battle:

  • 2 fire opals
  • 1 emerald
  • 2,284 gold pieces
  • 146 silver pieces
  • 1,430 copper pieces

From 9/16/2010 session:

  • quiver containing 7 Onslaught Arrows +3 – Ryltar
  • Small ivory sculpture of a ram, contains transformation and summoning enchantments, has other abilities, is the Ivory Goat of Travel with an additional ability or property -Garros
  • Set of grey leather boots, are Feystride Boots
  • A small container holding a magical monocle, has a divination property -?
  • Handy Haversack -Mordynn?
  • suit of silver chainmail, is Joyous Armor +2
  • 22 pp
  • 1239 gp
  • 114 sp
  • 160 cp
  • a double knuckle sized fire opal worth maybe 3000 gp, perhaps up to twice that if shaped by a jeweler

From 9/23/2010 session:

  • magical belt made of small metal chain links, helps the wearer gain healing when added by another-Garros wearing; Ryltar puts on Garros’s Belt of Vim (+1 fort)
  • Pouch of greenness of coughing – Ryltar?
  • purse with 427 gp, 100 cp, large sapphire, cut to be set into a ring, worth 1000-2000 gps
  • pouch of darkness, holding beads of darkness, maybe associated with the shadow realm – Grimes?
  • +2 staff/totem of Thunder’s Keeper – Garros
  • pouch with 344 gp, 73 sp, 70 cp
  • from beholder: four emeralds 800-1000 gp

Mundane Items of no special value (are we really lugging this junk around?)

  • 3 sets of leather armor – 75gp (15g total sale value)
  • Mundane Katar – 3gp (6sp sale value)
  • Masterwork Platemail – 20g
  • Masterwork Bastard sword – 12g
  • Holy Symbol of Torm – 2g
  • Helmed Horror Eladrin Plate Mail.

Current Party Treasure List

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