Heroes of the Blue Flame

The dangers of water: or why Garros is going to have to lick himself clean

July 15, 2010

The session found us locked in battle with eyeless humanoids. Due to Mordynn’s diplomacy we were able to, at least temporarily, gain the help of the knight Denlina (no idea how her name is spelled). The battled raged back and forth through the east area of first floor of the tower, but focused dangerously near the waterfall rushing to the north and east.

Gil used his eledrick abilities to shove our enemies off the edge, with some help from Garros. Garros divided the battle field with a wall of thorns. Grimes, Mordynn and our mysteriously slimy knight went toe to toe with the blind fiends in the north west. Back and forth they went, blow after blow from our martial men and woman bloodied each of the big eared opponents near them, while fending off, mostly, the eyeless monsters’ ability to shift around the battle field. Ryltar pierced our foes with arrows, until he moved too far south and drew the attention of some fire breathing t-rex like beasts on the floor above. He fell back even more south, out of the view of the rest of the party, blood seeping out of a number of wounds as the t-rexs chased after him.

Garros, losing a dangerous amount of blood and an unsightly amount of fur took to the skies in his raven form. While flying about Gil, both Garros and Gil were hit by one of the t-rex’s fiery blasts. This knocked Garros unconscious. He polymorphed back into his humanoid form and plummeted into Gil. Gil made a desperate grab and latched onto Garros’s belt, holding him from the pull of the waterfall.

Grimes and Mordynn moved towards the calamity and one of them was able to heal Garros from a far (sorry, I know both of you tried to heal Garros, but I don’t recall which power ended up being actually used). Denlina was able to create an opening and Gil was able to move away from the water fall.

As the session ended, Garros was lying, back conscious, in the waterfall’s edge. Will be able to hold himself on the ledge? Will he be able to slip way from the eyeless enemies adjacent to him? We will see . . .

The Portal

The Portal seems to be at rest, as we interrupted the ritual to open the portal before it was finished. Surveying the room we notice that it seems to be the main cavern to an elder white dragon. We pray over the womans body who Ickyrot threw into the portal.

Gil determines upon further examination that this is a Portal linking to the plane of Dis, which is the second plane of the nine hells. Dis is a city of burning heat. There is an Archdevil that rules this level from the Iron Tower, which is seeingly impregnable and reaches high into the sky and can be seen from every corner of this plane. The Portal gives off an aura of indestructablity, that has weathered time. Garros determines that the portal can be closed with the use of a powerful ritual, but is in the realm of arcana, which is not within his science of abilities.

Garros ponders back upon the carving on the wall about angelic beings coming through the portal with looks of shock or disgust upon thier faces. Going back through our journal we find that the event was in the room with the Owlbear, and they were coming through the wall in the portal room, but not through the portal itself. As if they were looking into the portal room, or perhaps into the portal itself.

Garros flys out of the entrance in the top of the mountain, and determines that the openign is large enough for a large dragon to fit through. Once outside he can see for miles in all directions. He sees a herd of Huge creatures that resemble wooly mamoth type creatures with ivory tusks, and short trunks.

Grimes searches ickyrot and his damnable fiends and finds an assortment of coins totalling 600 gp. Minted from the Luruar region, which is where we are located currently. On Ickyrot himself is a fairly grusom find. Among the multitude of chains I find a belt pouch to find a human arm, severed at the elbow, with a pair of tight matched bracelelts in electrum, studded with Amethists, These were made to be worn tightly around the arm, or possibly the ankle. On the lead cambian is a platinum diodum. (Head band) It is inlayed with a single saphire carved into the shape of a long blade pointing downwards. Upon examining this further we notice it is historicaly known as the battle diodum, which is an orcish heirloom, worn by the lead orcish tribesman of the withering vale. This is passed down to whoever bests the owner of the diodum. There is also a small pouch with two amethists, and ritual components.

The matched pair of bracelets go for roughly 250 gp each. The Diodum would go for 1200 gp. The amethists are valued at approximately 50gp each.

Against the back wall we see a framed painting partially covered by a tarp. there is a lump, in front of the painting, under the tarp, with a potion vile on top of the tarp, with a sparkling white stone. As we approach the stone, we notice there are two stones, and the air gets noticably colder. Gil detects it as a Frozen Wet Stone. Garros sniffs the potion attempting to identify it, and he recognizes it as a Potion of Clarity. As we remove the painting, we find a picture of a beautiful sunset over a rolling desert scene with a roaming caravan. Set into the corner of the painting is draconic script that is probably the artist signature. (Cryath Duhash, who is an acomplished draconic artist, who comes from Tethyr region called Saradush) We figure that the painting with the frame is in the range of 800 gp. There is a jade carved statue of a fat man in a cross legged pose, holding up his left hand with his first two fingers together pointed up. Garros notices that the carving is of a solid stone of jade, valued in the 1000 gp range. Gil determines that it may be a depiction of Ilmater, or Waukeen, but he doesn’t ever recall any depiction of either of those beings religions favoring jade.

As we are trying to figure out why all of these items are placed here, or how they came to be here, Garros reflects back on the cultists,and tries to determine if they came from this region. He thinks that most did, but some may have come from surrounding lands. Garros was thinking that perhaps this land may be a great settling area for his people, who may be able to protect the portal until a way can be determined to close it.

Gil determines that the portal is in a dormant state. It is unable to be used from the other side, but could be restarted from this side if the ritual is restarted. It is unsure what would happen if we just walked into the portal, whether we would be pushed back, passed through, or if it would restart the portal, or if we would blow up, like the girl who was thrown into it. Gil picks up the severed arm and throws it into the portal, where it gets consumed in a pulsing pinkish light, and disapears. Then the portal returns to a dormant state. Grimes and Garros detest his actions, which are idiotic at least, and completely irresponsible and insane at best, as the possibility that this would reopen the portal. He then picks up a rock and throws it through, from a distance, where the rock dissapears into the portal, but we are unsure what exactly happened to the rock. Grimes begins to argue with Gil about why he is messing with the portal. He says he wants to experiment, and find out how it works. Grimes wants to leave it alone, and find a way to destroy it. Its my journal.. Gil is an idiot.

Garros inquires about how we could get in touch with angels. Mordrynn says that the priests back in the purple dragon have that ability. We discuss how we are going to leave this portal without being gaurded. We know that there is only the one entrance by foot. We can leave here and go to the miners camp where we left the horses, and get a garrison of military to stand watch on the entrance until we return. Gil is afraid that they may be cultists infiltrated into the military, who may be able to open the portal before we return. Garros says he can send an animal messenger to Private Zamthist, once we reach the entrance. He sends a squirrel off into the distnace with a message, then make camp. The next day we wake, and eat breakfast, then lunch, and dinner.

Garros and Grimes talk about Grimes family, and the wars in calimshan, and what it would take for him to get his family to leave, and possibly use this place as a settleing to start over. Garros thinking the same with his tribe. Using his people to protect the portal if we can not find a way to destroy it. Grimes thinks it may be a good idea to get his people out of calimshan, but then it may be putting his people in danger, for as long as the portal is here, there is a chance of it being opened and killing everyone.

Just as it gets dark, and we are settling down, we hear horses in the distance. Private Zamthist arrives with 5 soldiers. They dismount and enter camp, as we notice that he wears a new bronze pin, depicting that he is now a Sword Sergeant, which is two steps up from Private. Grimes tells Garros that he is now a Sgt, and we congratulate him on his new rank. We then tell him that the bad guys are dead. That there are cultist in cahoots with the devils, and they are cultists of Asmodeus. He says that there were also cultists found in the village who have been captured. We notify him of the Portal to Dis, and that we need to try to research ways to close the portal, but we can not leave it ungaurded. He tells us that he will take it upon himself, and to inform Captain Kavana that he is here. He says that he has a few supplies, but can send a man to the miners camp to resupply as needed. Captain Kavana has also sent word to Sundabar to send reinforcements. She only brought about 20 men from Fort Brim, which was about a quarter of what they had there. We drag out the cultist supplies from the caverns to set them for weeks if necessary.

Garros asks Sgt Zamthist if he would mind if his people came to live in the area. He tells them that they are a people of shifters. He seems unphased, and says that because of his looks as a teifling, he has put up with the odd looks and predjudices, so he would not mind at all. He also tells Garros to go look for the People of the Black Blood in a nearby region. They are gypsies, shape changers, howlers, who are fierce protecters of thier lands. Garros feels that the Sgt is holding back some information, but doesn’t inquire more. We then leave, get our horses form the miners camp, and ride back to the fort.

We find a hesistant and anxsious croud about the fort. They seem to go have gone back to thier daily buisness. They gather together in small groups as we pass. We are greeted by a private at the gates. He tells us that we are to come and warm ourselves with good drink, and that Captain Kavana would like to see us. He leads us back into a small house where the Capt is located, where she is looking over many maps, with colored tokens. She is in discussion with a birdlike fellow writing in a binder, who stands and backs into a corner as she approaches us, welcomeing us back. Soup and drinks are brought in for us to consume, which some do hastely. After some small talk about Sgt Zamthist, the discussion turns to the Cultists. She tells us of the widespread infiltration and of their supplies. Stateing that they probably were here for 5 or 6 months prior to us arriving.

When asked about the possibility of there being two dragons in the region, One of which was killed protecting this portal, she tells us that we should inquire Radiant Priest Kenrom Shea (Blessed of the light, Child of the radiant blessing) from Fort Kith to the west. He may have more information as to the history of this area. We talk about Sgt Zamthist and his situation, and that he is staying to protect the portal entrance.

She doesn’t like the fact that she is losing 6 men to protect the fort, but seems to understand. We make it clear that if the portal is reopened they wil lahve more problems than anything they have here now, but she doesn’t take kindly to the warning. Telling us that the Eldrith Valuthra (ryltar says he thinks that is elven words that mean true blood elf). She tells us that they are against anything not elven. And detest the fact that the humans have encroached upon them, and cast out of the mainland. She says that her scouts are seeing movements from them recently outside of Moonwood, which is where they live. Grimes tells her that the threat from the Valuthra is valid, but if the portal is reopened, the things that come out of that thing will not even compare to the danger form the valuthra.

We discuss going to Fort Kith. Gil asks if we can send a messenger to have the Priest come here, where she begins to stammer and ask if we want him to come here? She says that would not be a good idea. We then ask her humble opinion if she thinks that us leaving would not be detrimental to the fort. She leaves the room, and Gil and Garrros catch a glimps of Capt Revince strolling up next to Kavana, but he was not in a Capt uniform. He had been demoted and was wearing a large bracelet type of item. We then discuss whether we are going to go to Fort Kith, or attempt to take on the elves first.

Chicken-rot and his minions

We come to a cavern with a domed ceiling. Across the ice-covered chamber is a huge glowing screen of purple-black energy coursing back and forth between two obsidian pillars. Standing before the screen is a creature covered in jangling chains. The chains appear to slither and crawl over the creature’s brown, wrinkled flesh. The chain creature holds a human wrapped in chains from the creature’s body. Also in the room are a number of creatures wearing black plate armor and wielding red longswords. Green fire glows in the eyes above a mouth full of sharp teeth. Other equally devilish creatures, sporting reddish horns and leathery wings, stand between you and the chain creature. The chamber’s ceiling is 40 feet above the floor, and an opening at the top of the chamber leads into the sky.

In this chamber there are 8 hellgaurd legions, heavily armored minions.. 4 Hellsword Gaurds that are winged and can probably take to the air. Gil touches some stones to Ryltars bow, and to his sword, these give them additional benefits. Mordrynn gives the party the wrath of his god, as the hellions smash thier swords against their chests, and stones against themselves, which causes them to burst into flames. Ickyrot is holding the prisoner with his chains, as he begins to direct his other hellions into battle. Ryltar slams one of the Legion gaurds with an arrow killing it. Grimes attempts a shot with his crossbow missing. Mordrynn moves into the room, surveying the situation, as Garros waves his staff casting grasping tide. Ickyrot throws the prisoner into the protal. As she enters the portal, winds pour through the portal and there are screams and nashing of teeth being heard from within as she is torn apart, then the portal slams closed once again. He then runs across the ice with great speed. The Winged hell gaurds move across the ground towards the party. It seems as if heat is radiating from thier skin as well as thier weapons. Grimes hurls his breath in the center of a group of enemies hitting some but seeming to do no, or little damage. One of the Winged creatures dived into the middle of Grimes and Mordrynn and twirled his sword hitting grimes with his flame blade. Another Winged devil did the same to Mordrynn, causing them to burn with fire. Garros casts a wall of thorns around ickyrot. The Legions then charge down and surround Grimes, as others teleport to surround mordrynn. The Legions begin to target grimes, dealing him little damage with every hit, but still being able to bloody him. Mordrynn shifts out of combat advantage, whacks one of the Legion gaurds, then atempts to stike another missing. Garros casts fairy fire into a group of enemies slowing one, putting the others into a combat advantage position. The Legions then move down to attack garros, charging him, but missing. The Winged devils also charge at garros missing.. garros then Shifts into animal form and uses predators furry to kill one of the legions. The legions and devils surrounding Gil reduce him to 0 hit points. As he falls Grimes invokes his fearless resscue giving Gil life. Mordrynn smashes his hammer into one of the minions, slaying it. As another winged thing hits Grimes and Gil with fire damage. Grimes taunts ickyrot who slams him and then runs away.. Grimes steps up and whacks one of the Winged devils and heals the whole party as he calls out to stand the fallen. Mordrynn and Ryltar strike Ickyrot bloodying him. Grimes Brash strikes one of the winged devils to death. The remaining winged devil gets mad at grimes for calling his master a chicken, and slams into grimes with his great sword. The party then invokes a full assault on Ickyrot, even though there are minions, and a winged devil left. Almost bringing him to his death. Garros grasping tides twice into the group of enemies surrounding Gil doing more damage to Gil than the enmies. The winged devil then attacks gil doing ongoing fire damage which knocks him unconsious. Mordrynn then moves up, lays hands on Gil, and slays Ickyrot, dealing healing to Grimes and Gil. As he is falling into deaths grasp, his chains begin to writh and snake pulling his body apart. He rises into a cloud of gore, his chains pulling him to an animation of life!! Garros then pounces on ickyrots animated corps, dealing damage. Gil has one of the Armored Minions standing over him, as he comes to. As Ickyrots animated body is struck over and over again he says, In another voice, definitely not what was coming from him before, “You mortals will not stop my operations, no matter if this slave is defeated! THe Mists of Time will condemn you and you will fall prey to the Fallen King!” laughter.. Mordrynn then dvine challenges Ickyrot, as he is healing Gil once again. Ickyrot once again withdraws from Grimes as he taunts him to “come to me, Chickenrot”.. He attempts to strike Grimes missing.. Gil finally strikes with his frostwind blade killing the last Minion, and dealing damage to the Winged devil. Grimes Moves up and Brash strikes Ickyrot missing, and as Ickyrot takes an oportunity attack at Grimes, Mordrynns mark goes off Killing Ickyrot. Mordrynn then moves up and slays the last remaining Devil. As the last enemy falls the party falls to thier knees from exhaustion. They then notice there is a noise coming from the portal. As the party looks towards the portal there is a large humanoid 10-12 feet tall form seeming to be pushing at the portal as if trying to come through, then repulses back into the portal as it continues to crackle and pop with energy.

Will our heros figure out a way to destroy the portal? Where is the other white dragon? Did they only send two chickens (owlbear and ickyrot) to protect the portal? Tune in next time… Same chicken channel, same chicken time..

Gizella of Mithrandain and Itchyrot...

Continueing with the battle..

Ryltar attempts to twin strike the Illithid, missing. Gil dealt venomous damage to one of the gorillas, gaining healing to himself. Garros attempted to pounce on the shadow hound, missing. The Dragonborn sends out a burst of fire marking Gil Mordrynn and Grimes. Grimes’ Immolating armor goes off, negating the mark,and dealing damage to the dragonborn. Grimes then seeing himself in a dicey predicament, drops his gaurd slices into one of the gorillas, putting the gorillas into dicey predicaments. The first gorilla jumps over the party onto the bridge behind Gil, and attempts to attack as he is regaining his ballance, and misses. The other gorilla shifts back off the bridge and seems to be emitting some heat, as he gets bloodied. Gil performs a flame cyclone on the dog, dragonborn and one of the gorilla, hitting the gorilla, but he seems to shake off the flame and looks as if he is coated in a film of frost. An Eladrin steps out behind a pillar sending a flash of light through the room blinding grimes. The Illithid then moves out of the crevis in the wall and Whoops the party, dazing Gil and Mordrynn.

Grimes then spins around knowing there is a hound behind him slashing into it with a crit. Mordrynn gives grimes and gil the wrath of his god, allowing them to hit with more damage, even though grimes didn’t seem to want it, As the gorillas slam gil and grimes, bloodying them both. Gil activates his armour giving him some healing, as Ryltar seems to run away, back the way we came, but actually circling around to pelt the gorillas with arrows. Garros then storm spikes one of the gorillas. The Eladrin hits Mordrynn with a binding grasp, as the illithid attempts to grab him with his tentacles, missing. Grimes slashes into the gorilla next to him dealing it much damage, shifts around it, uses his action point and slashes into it again. Mordrynn, still being dazed smashes into the hound behind him. Gil slashes into the gorilla, seeming to kill him, but alas, he comes back from the dead, smashing gil with both fists. Ryltar then blasts it with an arrow, slaying it, as it crumbles into a pile of dust. Mordrynn takes a critical hit from the gorilla putting him at 0 life, as Grimes invokes his fearless rescue, taking a bite from the hound and a slash from the dragonborn, but slashing into the gorilla and giving Mordrynn life, bringing him from deaths grasp. Ryltar then strikes the gorilla with two arrows, one critically slaying him as the beast falls off the bridge and into the water. As the body sinks it is suddenly grabbed by something and pulled swiftly under the water. Grimes moves up to the hound slaying it, as the dragonborn moves up and around the party to join the illithid. Gil eldritch strikes the illithid sending her into the lake, where she sinks. As we beat the dragonborn down, he slashes into Mordrynn knocking him unconsious again. Ryltar then puts the killing blow into the dragonborn. The illithid reapears as if struggling to swim when Gil stikes it with fire killing it. Garros who has been keeping the Eladrin busy, strikes with a grasping tide. As she sees all of her companions fall, she surrenders to Garros, who accepts for now. Grimes stabilizes Mordrynn, then we take a short rest. Grimes then heals Mordrynn, and we take another short rest to allow Mordrynn to heal.

Questioning the Eladrin, we find out that the portal is in the passage to the east. Ickyrot is there bringing more devils through the portal as fast as he can. He must sacrifice commoners to get the portal to operate, sometimes more than one depending on the devil he is bringing through. She also says that she wants to know what she can do to get out without being harmed, and Grimes tells her that if she tells us what we need to know and anything that might be of interest, we will let her walk out unharmed. She tells us that Ickyrot has been bringing in Kytons. They are the jailers of the devils. Very sadistic, torturers. There are many spigons. She says her name is gizella of mithrandain and that she swears she will leave and return to her home. The devils usually send for more prisoners every 48 hours or so, and it has been 2 days or more. Grimes and Gil go off and talk about bringing her in as an ally. When we talk to her and give her the choice to join us, she says that she would rather leave if it is up to her. We tell her she is free to go. She salutes with her staff across her chest and leaves across the bridge.

Searching the remains that are not in the water we only find a set of platemail and a bastard sword on the dragonborn. Both seem to be normal. Grimes keeps the bastard sword, and Gil pushes all the bodies into the lake. We then realize that for mercenaries they had no gold, or coins on them. No pouches, or anything to keep money. Anyway.. We decide to take an extended rest here, and it passes without incident.

After our rest we march on into the mountain. After a few miles, we come to a cavern with a domed ceiling. Across the ice-covered chamber is a huge glowing screen of purple-black energy coursing back and forth between two obsidian pillars. Standing before the screen is a creature covered in jangling chains. The chains appear to slither and crawl over the creature’s brown, wrinkled flesh. The chain creature holds a human wrapped in chains from the creature’s body. Also in the room are a number of creatures wearing black plate armor and wielding red longswords. Green fire glows in the eyes above a mouth full of sharp teeth. Other equally devilish creatures, sporting reddish horns and leathery wings, stand between you and the chain creature. The chamber’s ceiling is 40 feet above the floor, and an opening at the top of the chamber leads into the sky.

Is this Ickyrot? Is this the end? Can our hero’s destroy the portal before it’s too late?

Quit monkey'ing around...

Meanwhile.. Back in the caves.. in the midst of battle..

Grimes climbs up onto the platform, and moves towards Garros pulling his potion of Vitality. Just as he crests the top of the platform Grimes gets whacked by the Spined Devil, bloodying him. Mordrynn climbs up, and over the naked virgin on the alter, to lay hands on Garros, bringing him out of deaths grasp. One of the devils chases down the entrance towards Ryltar. Gil climbs up the platform and puts the devil into combat advantage. The devil realizes that he needs to get outta there and as he tries to run, Gil, Grimes, and Mordrynn all strike him, killing him in his attempt to flee. Garros places a grasping tide around one of the devils 15 feet away from the platform. Grimes crossbolts the devil chasing Ryltar, as ryltar blasts two arrows into him. Gil, seizing on an oportunity, charges to the end of the platform, leaps, closing the 15 feet in the air to the devil in the grasping tide, striking him, then sliding him outside of the area, causing him to be knocked prone, into the pit next to the alter, onto the spikes. The devil rises off the spikes and back out of the pit, as Mordrynn throws his hammer at him, striking him as he is assending. Ryltar springs a bear trap on the devil he is battling, Slowing him. Gil, seeing Mordrynn hurl his hammer, decides to attempt to throw his sword, missing the devil. The devil flies back up onto the platform towards grimes, then raises another 10 feet into the air. Mordrynn getting the hang of chucking his hammer, throws it at the devil again, smashing it out of the air. Grimes goes over and picks up Mordrynns hammer, jumps off the platform and shoots his crossbow at the remaining devil still attacking Ryltar, all the way across the room. Garros strikes the devil with a lightning bolt, as grimes comes around the pit. As the remaining devil realizes his peril he attempts to flee, as Ryltar pelts him with two more arrows slaying him.

We then search the bodies, gather treasure, and take a short rest before proceding. There is a Kris Knife (a sacrificial knife the devil was holding) by the alter that grimes picks up and cuts the ropes holding the virgin, then wraps her with her torn robe that adorns the alter. Each one of the cultist wore a robe, carried a longsword, and had unholy symbols. The one horned demon had a morningstar, silk clothing, an Amethist broach which Garros says was glowing at one point in the battle. Grimes picks up all of the silk clothing, and material. Gil examines the broach and finds it to be magical, but doesn’t seem to be willing to tell the party what he found… After we examine the rest of the items, he tells us it is an amulet of resolution +2. (Gives pluses to saving throws) There is also a birchwood box, and a holy symbol. Gil examines the box. It has a lock like a ying yang latch. He pops it open and finds a small pipe and pouch. The box has been carved out to fit these items specifically, lined with velvet. There was also a holy symbol in the box with a gauntlet with an eye in the middle of it. The pouch contains very high quality tabacco. As Gil is examining it, he gets a tingly feeling from it. He determines that the magic on it is very ancient. Mordrynn examines the morningstar, but is unsure what, if any magical qualities it may possess. Garros asks about the knife, Grimes pulls it out and lets Gil and Mordrynn check it out. gil doesn’t seem to get any vibes off it, but Mordrynn knows that the cultists have many rituals that they perform. This particular knife seems to be used for a ritual of essence gathering of some sort. Such as gathering the essence of the sacrifice and stores it somewhere or somehow, or even sends it to someone, or other some entity.

Coming from the pit to the south we hear voices asking Who’s there? and others shushing them saying they might come for us. As Mordrynn and the party go down to the pit and peer in, there are many humans, elves, dwarves, and a dragonborn or two. Some appear to possibly be soldiers from the fort, others seem to be farmers, or commoners. We gather the robes from the cultists and give them to the commoners as we get them out of the pit. Many are injured. As they come out we tend to the worst of the injuries, so the group could move out on thier own. We figure that this tending will take about 6 to 8 hours to perform, to get the group to a state where they can move out where they are not in danger of dying from thier wounds. We decide to move the group to the entracne room, where the Owlbear is at, and we cut it up, roast it over the fire, and feed it to the group. The stories from the commoners were that they were tricked and kidnapped by the cultists, and the soldiers were tricked into precarious places by the captains orders then ambushed. Thendal, one of the Human Soldiers is very charismatic, seems to take charge of the group. Serenia is the lady that was on the alter, and speaks with tones of aristocracy, as if she is a nobel of some sort. The soldiers in the group equip themselves with the chainmail and longswords from the cultists. Then we set them off to the miners camp one hour south of here.

With Ryltar taking the lead, far far away.. we move west out of this area back into the passages. the passage turns north, and enters into a small cavern that seems empty, with the 10’ passage continuing out the north east side. As we continue we come to a passage that goes north, and one that continues to the east,and south. The passage to the south smells, and sounds as if there is water nearby. The Northern passage then splits to the east and west. After a short discussion, Gil convinces Ryltar to check out the cave with the water. We don’t want someone coming up behind us. He goes in and finds a large cavern filled with water, with frost on the walls, and no outlets visible. With a pool this large it could be home to a number of large aquatic creatures, or perhaps just a feed pool for smaller underground streams.

Heading north we notice that the path to the west dead ends, and the path to the east is also blocked with water, and some rudimentary bridge crossing the lake built from wooden timbers. The bridge splits in the middle of the lake one path going north to a large patch of ground. On the other side of the lake Ryltar notices a fully armored dragonborn, looking directly at him, leaning on a bastard sword. There is also a large gorilla beasts on either side of the Dragonborn. The other path goes to a much smaller patch of uninhabited land. The water seems to be frosted over, with the makeshift bridge seeming to be built well enough to hold a large amount of weight. The bridge continually seems to bob up and down in the water creating ripples across the entire lake.

As ryltar comes back and we begin to discuss what we are going to do, Garros notices a shadowy hound just at the exit to this cavern, and as he notices it it disperses into mist, and is gone. We then know that they know we are here, and the element of surprise is lost. We wait for a short time to see if anything is coming, and decide that we should attempt to get them to come to us. We then head out to the watery tomb. As we get to the water edge, there is no signs of any gaurds on the other side. Werealize they aren’t going to come to us, and we are going to have to cross the bridge. As we begin to cross the lake, Garros goes east, with Grimes following him over to the small patch of land, where there are patches or depressions in the snow where it seems that boxes used to sit. We then go back to join the party, as they are heading to the north. With the light source of Grimes Sword, we notice a the water being disturbed in the lake slightly, as if a large creature has caused ripples on the surface, but are unable to actually see it. Just as we decide to hurry to get off this bridge the two large gorilla beasts come rushing out from the darkness to the bridge entrance, blocking us on the bridge.

Ryltar shoots two arrows at the nearest one. Gil charges at him doing no damage. He takes another action to attempt another strike missing. Garros runs forward, then performs a plague lash. Something then suddenly whacks garros, and mordrynn with ryltar noticing it imediately as an illithid. (Mind Flayer) We then notice it came from the north. Looking north we see a red robed many tentacled humanoid (Squidword). A small shadowy hound also materializes behind Gil, and Bays.. with no effect to Gil. Grimes hurles his breath at the illithid, knocking it down the wall it is hangin on. It just happens to grasp hold again before it hits the water. One of the gorilla devils climbs up one of the columns 30 feet. The other gorilla lets out a savage growl as it seems to invigorate the other creatures in the room. He then slams both fists down onto Gil, crit’ing him with one. Ryltar strikes the illithid with two arrows knocking him off the wall. Before he hits the water it seems as if he falls onto an invisible ledge, then jumps back onto his feet. Gil smashes into the gorillia in front of him sliding him off the bridge, but he manages to just hang on and maintains his ground. Garros causes tremors under the illithid, knocking him prone, once again above the water. The Shadow hound bites into Gil again then shifts back next to Grimes. The Dragonborn enemy then advances onto the bridge attacking Gil, as Grimes runs to the end of the bridge then jumps across the water to the solid ground, with the hound nipping at his heels. The Barlugra (Gorilla Devil) on the column launches itself behind grims slamming its fists into grimes. The Illithid moves then off into the cavern.

What fate is in store for our heros? Will they succumb to the mental beating of squidword? Will they fall to the ghost dog? Will the gorillas fall in love and carry ryltar to the top of a column, as he fends off our attacks? Who is going to go swimming? Tune in next time.. same bat time.. same bat channel..

Get a Spine already..

Garros heads west and finds the owlbears bed area. As he enters he notices many large tick like bugs jumping on him as he disturbs the bedding. As he fends them off he pushes some of the debris away, and finds a suit of leather armor that catches his eye. As he picks it up he notices it is cool to the touch. He then takes it and runs through the fire to make sure there are no more bugs on him. Grimes and Ryltar check out the rest of the plateu areas. On the south wall we find scratches chiseled into the wall of angelic beings entering the room with faces depicting shock at the evil that is in the room.

Continuing on through the cavern we find a small exit to the north west. There are two hellsfire symbols blocking the exit. Garros borrows Ryltars cloak which offers some fire protection, and rushes through setting one off, as the party follows behind. Garros gives Ryltar his cloak back and then realizes he is on fire taking ongoing damage. Grimes and Mordrynn assist Garros in his quest to put fire out, which takes a couple rounds. The cavern continues narrowing, as it turns to the south and then back to the west. There is a small passage breaking off to the south, but ahead there is a large cavern filled with cultists, and a Spined devil, about to sacrifice a virgin maiden, laying on her back on an alter, on a plateau 10 feet above the floor.. Below the alter is a large pit.

Grimes pushes in hurling his dragons breath at the cultists, killing 6 of them in a burst of fire. Ryltar fires two arrows at the spined devil, striking him once, which spins him around, the other arrow striking the dagger, knocking it from his grasp. Garros charges forward into the room, slamming into a large invisible object, which then becomes visible. This looks to be a huge one horned demon of some sort. The cultists begin to chant, as they draw long swords and attack the party. There are two cultists at the alter with smoking asperjillians, waving them above the virgin. Gil moved to the south where he can target a group of Cultists. He Flame Cyclones them killing five more, then charges the One Horned Demon, sliding him two squares towards the pit. Garros jumps onto the plateau erecting a thorned wall around the alter slaying the two cultists and bloddying the spined devil. Grimes and Mordrynn attempt to keep the cultists surrounded. The demon releases his breath gas towards Garros and Gil, dazing Gil. The remaining cultists charge at Grimes and Mordrynn. Gil charges the Demon sliding him towards the pit, shaking off the dazed state. Grimes runs into the middle of the room inspiring Garros with healing words, then lion roars at one fo the cultists, giving garros added vitality. The Spiney devils seem to be targeting Gil for some reason, with the one by the alter continuing to hit Garros. Garros goes into defense mode, as Grimes inspires him with more healing. Ryltar continues his arrow assault on any targets he can see. Garros shifts into cat form striking the demon and a spiney devil, dazing them both. Grimes calls out to stand the fallen, Striking the demon, inspiring the group with added health.

Mordrynn, in his slowed state, notices that there is one spined devil towards the southern end of the room flying around an open pit, almost like he is gaurding something. The other spined devils continue thier spiney assault on garros and mordrynn. Ryltar slays one of the devils with well placed arrows. Grimes smashes into the Demon, who is retreating back into the middle of the room. The demon lets out a blast of gas trying to put the party to sleep, which causes Garros and Gil to become dazed. Gil succumbs to the sleepy gas falling unconcious. The spined devils then gang up on the cat (Garros) slaying him in his dazed state, with a firey spray of spines. Mordrynn quafs a potion of vitality, which allows him to save against his slowed movement, where he can move to awaken the unconcious Gil. Ryltar them quaries the demon, hits him with both arrows, one critically, slaying the beast. Garros saves against death..

The Spined Devil to the south suddenly gets entangled by ropes, or vines from within the pit, and is dragged in, where there are sounds of much beating of flesh and bone.

Will Mordrynn or Grimes be able to save Garros? Will the party fend off the attacks of the remaining devils? What exactly is in that pit to the south? Gil, stop checking out the naked virgin, and concentrate damn it..

Owl Bear Hugs for everyone.. Well... Only Gil this time..

Continuing battle with the Ogre…

In the midst of battle, an archer arrives from the south east room, peeking out from the tapestry covering the door just enough to fire arrows at the party. Mardrynn storms into the room engaing him, as he tries to escape realizing there is no where to run. He pulls another arrow as Mordryn slays him with an ardent strike. The Ogre moves back into his cavernous room, with a large pit in the north, and a smelling pile of hides, and coverings that the Ogre uses to sleep on to the south. The Ogre grabs the large Cat (Garros) and attempts to use him asa a shield, saying.. I have kitty now… As Gil moves adjacent to him and takes a stike bloodying the ogre. Garros shifts into bird form, escaping from the ogres grasp. The Ogre Slams into gil sliding him towards the pit, then shifts up to attempt to push Gil in. Grimes applies some wolf pack tactics allowing Gil to escape from between the Ogre and the pit. Mordrynn charges into the room using a shielding smite dealing masive damage to the ogre,and allowing grimes some protection. Garros shifts back into human form, and moves towards the battle. The Ogre swings his flail wildly hitting Mordrynn. Gil smashes into the Ogre sliding him one more square towards the pit. Grimes then Brash assaults hiim, allowing the Ogre to stike Grimes, knocking him prone, which allows Gil to smash into the Ogre again. Grimes then calls out to stand tough, healing the party. Garros causes tremors under the Ogre, knocking him prone, but he gets up almost imediately. Grimes jumps to his feet while drawing his crossbow, fireing wildly at the ogre. Mordryn attempts to break free of the Ogre grasp, but fails. Ryltar fires a couple more arrows doing no damage. Garros hits him with lightning, twice slaying him, as he falls, Mordrynn is flung towards the smelly urine filled pit, but doesn’t quite fall in.

After looting the body, Gil pushes him into the pit. We find a magical small shield under some of the bones to the north. There is a small open chest to the south that is open and empty. Next to the chest is an unlocked crate. When openig it, there is a massive bit of items. Feathers (x4), finger bones, a canvas doll with elf ears clipped to it. There are 13 pp in the bottom. A brass broach in the shape of a tree with slivers of emeralds on the leaves. A small washed leather bag of roasted beans.

Mordrynn searches through the kitchen where he finds some barrels filled with a purplish liquid. There is also a tapestry hanging on the south wall depicting the mountain that is outside with two ravens circling it. Mordrynn knowing some background that at times white dragon were depicted as ravens in pictures and drawings. Garros takes it to donate to the barracks back in the fort, because it seems to depict some history of the land.

Searching the crazy dwarf lady, we find a small writing book, 2 scroll cases and a pouch with 21 pp and more roasted beans. We soon deduct that the hag was probably paying the ogre in beans, convincing him that they held some sort of magical powers or properties. Looking at the scroll cases, the first has a note written to her, talking about putting fear into the fort, and she wil be backed by a messenger that will come. (Xeriope).. It is signed by Ichyrot. The note says that by the next new moon, the preperations will be completed. (the next new moon will be 4 nights from now).. The second scroll is written in elven describing the mountains in the area that seems to be from an explorer that took notes on this scroll. It states that the mountains hold many dark secrets. One of the notes says that the mountain contains an portal. In abisal Gil reads that they need a mortal or mortal blood to use the portal. There is also landmarks in the notes that point to where the White Dragons lair used to be located. The writing book i s a day to day journal of what the hag has done, and whether they suceeded or failed. One of the entries states that they recieved new asmodian cultists.

The two braizers in the Ogres lair are magical. Grimes takes one and dumps it out. When the contents are removed, it stops burning, and cools. He then grabs a chunk of cowhide from the Ogres bedding, and wraps it in the cow hide,and ties it onto his backpack. Garros takes the other one. This is an everburning bowl. When items that can burn are placed into it, it will combust after a few minutes without any need for starting. Grimes then goes into the front room and collects the kindling and fire wood stacked next to the chest, and the ten viles of scented oil.

We take a short rest, then gather our gear and horses and travel back to the fort unhindered. We return the horses to Eladrins house, then go over to the fort. The gates are closed but the lights in the buildings are now lit. We enter the Inn and speak with Skeeter and Jirl, and get rooms for the night. Ryltar only needing 4 hours of trance time goes over to the barracks afterwards to help out. The gaurds seem warry of him, and accept that he is there, because of the partys status and what we have done, but don’t seem to friendly towards him. Garros asks skeeter about Evilman Oromond, and what they have done with him. Skeeter says that he is under arrest,and is awaiting reinforcements before they decide where his tribunal wil lbe. They will probably send him to Sundabar. Captain Kavanna wil be taking over when she arrives, so Captain Rivense is holding off any decisions knowing that he has some consequences coming his way as well.

In the morning, we awaken and begin to go about our morning business, when a small stone falls out of the sky next to Gil. He picks it up and a small image apears from the stone of an old friend of Gils, with a short message that he would like Gil to come see him soon. We go over to the barracks to deliver the tapestry. Talking with the Captain, we relay the occurances at the hags house, and that they were cultists of asmodius. We attempt to hand over the hags journal, when Private Zamthest steps up and takes it from us, with a stern look from the captain, but aknowledging that he is not going to be in charge long. We tell them about the portal, and the time line, and he says that if we don’t succeed, they have no way to battle any great evil at this time. They are just waiting for captain Kavanna. Grimes asks for a rite of passage to pass through any camps that we may come upon, on our trek into the mountains. They agree and give us one with the Captains seal.

We give them the tapestry from the Hags house, and when asked about why there are two ravens (Dragons) depicted in the picture, could there be another? They tell us that Furmissagon was the dragons name that was killed, and there is no mention or knowledge of another dragon. We aquire the horses from Eladrin again, and the Captain gives us two pack mules to take along with us. We then depart the fort once more on our treck towards the mountain.

The weather is cool going up into the hills. As we get to the base of the mountain we find several holes, caves, mines, when we come up to the place where it seems we are supposed to go according to the journal entries. Ryltar having knowledge of dungeoneering takes the lead. We venture down a ten foot wide passage with Ryltar 100 feet in front of us, using his dark vision and some underground skills that require us to be far far away.. He soon comes back to where we are at and tells us that the cavern exits into a large chanber, with a large creature with feathers and beak, but looking more like a bear. (Owlbear). The cavern is filled with about 6 inches of snow, which is melting around the huge bonfire in the center of the room. There are symbols along the walls, Which Mordryn thinks are possibly devilish by the crude drawings from Ryltar, but he would need to see them first hand.

As we get closer to the entrance to the chamber a keening screech fills the cavern as the beast looks towards the party. Garros approachhes it, as it looks at him moving it’s head side to side, as if curious. It suddenly retreats back behind the bonfire, throwing down it’s deer carcass. The Symbol on the wall nearest to Garros burst flames out, bathing him in fire. (Hellsfire Symbol) Garros continues to attempt to calm the beast, which seems to be be on its best defenses, but not threatening. A small flame blasts from the top of the pillar to our right hitting Garros. As we look there are two floating flaming skulls atop the pillar. Ryltar and Gil can see them from their distance, but they setle back down out of view from Garros’ position. Gil approaches one of the symbols and tries to eraase it from the wall, but as he runs his hand across one, it smears and then coalescs back into form.

Grimes Goes up to the pillar and climbs up the side of one and breaths fire on the fire skulls.. Hitting them both, but dealing no damage. Ryltar shoots two arrows at them missing both. Garros shifts into cat form, climbs the pillar biting into one of the skulls dazing it. Gil climbs the pillar as well, as one of the skulls moves away from the pillar and then 15 more feet into the air. As the other one moves Gil swipes at it and it goes another 15 feet into the air. Grimes pulls his crossbow and strikes one, as Garros takes a running leap at the one to the north. Ryltar also hits one with his bow. The Owlbear comes in from the darkness and charges grimes, missing him, then Gil comes down from the pillar slashing at it. The Flaming Skull shoots a fireball between Gil and Grimes, where it seems to form itself which excludes the owlbear from taking damage. Mordrynn charges the owlbear from around the pillar as another symbol bursts out setting him on fire in the process. The Owlbear grabs Gil with both arms in a bear hug. The Flaming skulls continue to throw in fireballs, basking the area in fire each round. Ryltar hits a skull with arrows killing it. Garros throws a grasping tide at the other. The Owlbear bites Gil, as he breaks free of his grasp with a venomous bloodfang attack. As the skull attempts to run away from Garros the grasping tide slams it to the ground. Grimes, Mordrynn, and Gil continue to battle the owlbear, and Garros continues to battle the remaining skull. Ryltar shoots arrows at the Owlbear. Grimes yells to the party that they need to group up for inspiration. Garros comes back into battle with the owlbear, pouncing on it, causeing it to screech out. Grimes calls out to stand tough, giving the party needed healing. Ryltar slams the remaining skull with a pair of arrows killing it. The owlbear screaches out stunning Mordrynn, then claws out at him, ripping through his armor. As the Owlbear attempts to flee, Grimes and Gil give chase, keeping it surrounded. Gil slams him into the adjacent cliff as Grimes manages a vicious critical hit, slaying him. In his treasure we find some platinum and gold totalling 600 gp.

After the battle with the Chicken Hawk and the Flaming heads, Ryltar tries to figure out these Symbols that seem to be spraying fire out randomly. He figures out that some of them are actually real, and others are only illusionary, and the ones that are real have some sort of timer, or delay that once fired can not be fired again for a certain amount of time. Like they need to recharge or something.

Where do our heros venture next? Do they cut up the Overgrown chicken and roast him over the open fire? Can they figure out which symbols to stay clear of?? Walls that spray flames… Skulls that throw flaming balls… Flaming bon fire.. Seems like whoever lives here is a huge flamer.. Why does Todds characters always catch on fire?

Anyone see where that Ogre came from?

Meanwhile back at the herbalist shop…

After the Succubus is dead and the house searched more. thouroughly, we study the map. There seems to be impressions on the back of the lambskin that the map was drawn onto. There seems to be some writings that appear to be of religious nature, perhaps a ritual of some sort.. Gil gets the impression that there is some type of arcane rune that has the ability that when combined with this ritual has the ability to possibly transport beings to or from another plane, or place.

The captain says that he must get back to the barracks for some rest, and to see what kind of situation the fort is in. He will get with Private Zamthist. The party discusses whether we need to get going now to see what kind of manner is going on, or take a day of rest and wait for the fort reinforcements to arrive. Gil gets the impression that we need to leave now, there are possibilities that some type of portal may be in the works, and time is of the essence. Gil says that because of the possibilities of the portal being used, we must go find Trelist (the Ugly Dwaf Lady) now. When there comes a knock on the door. At the door stands a man in purple plate, obviously from the order of the purple dragon of Cormyr, and asks for Mordrynn, who steps outside to talk. It is discussed that Grimes and Mordrynn will head to the barracks to chat with the guards. Gil and Ryltar head to the shop to see if they can aquire any potions to help against poison, or for healing. Garros goes to Eladrins ranch to see about aquiring horses for travel.

Mordrynn comes back and says that they have called him back to Cormyr for duty. There is trouble brewing there, and he has to return within a month.

Gil and Ryltar go to Trugees shop (Well stocked for a merchant store in the middle of nowhere) where she shows them a bandalier of 6 potions. She says they were brought in my a bard who was giving up his ways of adventuring and had no need for them anymore. He said they were called Potions of Vitality, and says that she would take 1000 gp each. They try to barter with her and offer her the statue, which she recoils from, and they show her the dagger. She states that she will take the dagger for 2 of the 6 potions. She says that she will give us one for what we have done, and will take the rest of thier coins (about 600 gp) for a 4th, but she will not take that damn statue.

Upon entering the barracks Grimes and Mordrynn notice that the Captain, and the Private are standing by a cabinet that is open and what apears to be an obsidian chest of some sort, that is open. Seems to be a safe of some type, and by the looks of things, it appears they have been robbed. Grimes knocks and walks in anouncing our presence as they turn and greet us. We explain that we are going to head south as soon as possible, but wanted to make sure that the fort had enough men to ward off any attacks until reinforcements arrive. The group has come to the conclusion that time is of the essence and we must leave now. He asks us if we can stay for a short time, and we explain that if we don’t leave now to take care of buisness, we may not be able to stop what may be coming. He tells us that he vaguely rememebrs a beast baying, and it was brushed off as dogs. but while he was in the midst of passion with the lass, there was banging on the walls next to the room he was in, in the house. He also brushed this off as his passionate moments, but now he says that it may not have been as seemed. We should be very carefull.

Garros arrives from the rancher with 5 horses. One of them being a large war horse for Grimes. We then travel south from the fort towards the hut marked on the map. As we arrive at the hut there is a small stream. Grimes, Gil, and Mordrynn stay back as Garros, and Ryltar check out the hut in stealthy forms. There doesn’t seem to be anyhting abnormal about the hut from a distance. It is late in the evening, but still light enough to see well. The building is T shaped made of stones and lumber, with the top of the T butting up against the mountain. The windows are covered with some kind of fabric, possibly leather. They approach stealth like to attempt to hear if anything, or anyone is in the house making noise. There is smoke coming from both chimneys, with fire crackling inside. They can hear what sounds like a chorus of male voices with at least one female voice. Possibly chanting, or religious singing coming from further back into the building.

They return to the group and tell us what they heard. Garros tries to remember what he can from the chant, and Gil recognizes some of the words and deducts that it is possibly a chant to Asmodius. Who is the god of the nine hells. God of sin, really evil dude, a tyrant, and oppressor. Mordrynn knows that Asmodius cults are present throughout the lands. Especially in the last few decades, and they subvert many of the other cult members into thier group.

We decide to attempt to sneak up on the building as a group and then we will charge in, some through the door, some through the windows. As we crash into the main room there is the Crazy dwarf Lady sitting in a rocking chair staring into space. She seems to look into the room for a second and shreiks a loud skreech, then settles back into rocking, and staring blankly. She seems to be blind with white milky eyes. Grimes begins to pull the tapestry away from the far wall with his scimitar, and when he can’t see enough doing that, he reaches up and rips it off the wall. As he does this, the Crazy Dwarf Lady stands and grows in size into a large woman (Howling hag). Grimes sees two men in redish black armour holding longbows at the ready, and swords at thier sides down a long hallway. As they shoot arrows at Grimes, he charges down the hallway, Smashing into one of the archers. The Hag screeches out and disappears. Ryltar, still outside the door, screams that the Hag is outside. Garros runs outside and attempts a grasping tide at the hag with little effects. The archers seem to be distracted, or looking around in the room as they are firing arrows. Gil runs outside to deal with the Hag lady. Mordrynn comes crashing down the hallway into the other archer. Ryltar hits the hag with two arrows and slinks around the corner of the building. As the archers pull thier swords, they seem to be wimpering as they are attacking Grimes and Mordrynn. As grimes slices his scimirar into one, he says that in order to surrender he must drop his weapon. Enticing an oportunity attack from the archer. As he takes his attack, Grimes’ Brash Assault allows Mordrynn to finish him off. The Hag slips around the north side of the building. Garros gives chase and as he rounds the building, she is not anywhere to be seen.

Ryltar enters the house through the southernmost window, as Gil comes into the house through the north window and charges down the hallway. As he slashes aside the tapestry on the north wall it reveals an archer in a small room. Just then a Massive Ogre smashes through the wall where the two archers have fallen, as Grimes swipes at it with his scimitar commanding Mordrynn to also attack. The Hag appears behind Gil in the hallway as Ryltar pierces her with two more arrows. Garros comes back through the north window and plague lashes the hag. Gil pulls a frostwind blade, swaps places with Mordrynn, slashing into the ogre, and slaying the hag at the same time, as she lets out a death scream that pierces the ears of anyone hearing it. Grimes then slices into the Ogre again, ripping part of his thick hide away, then shifts into the room to the south. Ryltar shoots two arrows at the Ogore which stick in his hide but seem to do no damage, as Garros casts a grasping tide into the north room. The Massive Ogre then thrashes his flail about the hallway as it bounces off shields and armor. Gil Smashes the ogre, sliding him back 1 square.

Will the Ogre surrender? Will our hero’s find thier hearing? Who was chanting inside the house? the Ogre? The Archers and Hags? This makes no sense! Where are the devils and demons! Portals and arcane magics! Rituals, and sacrificial maidens tied naked to an alter! Well I diegress…

Session 3

Meanwhile.. Back at the fort…

Private Zamthest states that we have free access to the Herbalist shop due to the belief that the Captain may be being held there. We decide to take a short rest in Skeety’s place, where he brings us hot towels, and food.

At the Herbalist shop we knock on the door and shortly thereafter the door opens, and Phlen standing in the doorway, an older human white hair white beard. Garros asks if he is Phlen, and he says that he is. Garros asks about his nutrient techniques with the herbs he has growing, and his eyes brighten up and says ah, you are familiar with these.. come in come in.. Garros stops him and says that is not the primary reason we are here. He stops and asks what is it.. Garros says that we are looking for the captain. he steps back, and asks who we are.. Garros introduces us and he says welcome.. We enter into his house and he closes the door.. It is a small room with a hallway to our left, with a half door at the end of the hallway, and a normal door closer to the main room. He offers us some tea, and runs off to where we presume is the kitchen. Ryltar sneaks down the hallway to listen at the door he just went behind. Grimes goes to the open door that leads to another hallway, ending with a door and a screen. (Out to the Greenhouse). Ryltar hears normal sounds as if someone was making tea. Cups, kettles, trays. After a short time he comes back into the room with a tray of cups and tea.. He then asks what else brings us to his home. We again ask about the captain, and he says he hasn’t seen him for a ride or so. (Ten days).. He seems to be unnerved about the conversation, figiting. I ask about the conflicting stories between what he si saying ans what Mr Oramond has told us, and he asks me to repeat the story from Mr Oramond. He again repeats that he has been here the whole time, and hasn’t seen him. Ryltar decides he has heard enough and decides to attempt to search the house. Phlen says hey wait.. excuse me.. this is my house.. Grimes steps in front of Ryltar, and says hey, this is his house, we aren’t going to go snooping around while he is objecting. Ryltar says he is going to look around anyway. Grimes tries to convince Ryltar that we need to go get the Privates permission to search the house, without Phlens permission, since he is here now. We initially came here assuming the Herbalist was not present. Ryltar demands to search the house, and continues to push his way in. Grimes, Garros and Mordrynn say if that is what you are going to do, then you are doing it without us. The old man asks us to leave, and we convince Ryltar to leave as requested, under duress.. We discuss that we can go ask Private Zamthist for authority to look around the Herbalist house.

At the barracks, Private Zamthist says that he doesn’t know of any rooms in his house that go into the hillside, but there is a wall that butts against the cliff. He says that we can take one of the soldiers back over and have a look around if Phlen isn’t willing to allow us access. Garros says that he would rather go try to talk with the old man and see if he can regain his friendship, and make appologies, before we bring in the soldier to force the search. Mordrynn goes with Garros up to the shop and knocks on the door. Phlen answers the door after a couple knocks, quite angrily still, as Garros and Mordrynn say they are here to make applogies. He tends to calm down, and asks where the dark fellow was, as he looks around. Garros says that it would be in the best interests if they can put things to rest and have a look around, as Mordrynn says he is really just interested in more of his tea.. He perks up and seems much more interested in that than having his home invaded. He tells Garros that he can look around at his leasure, or he can show them about. Garros says please, to have him lead them through the house. He leads them into the greenhouse first, where there are three rows of shelves full of potted plants with herbs and different types of fungi against the wall nearest the windows. Garros finds that most of the types of plants seem to come from the underdark and torrid regions.

Further into the house… He passes the closed door in the hallway saying that leads to his bedroom. The far door leads to the kitchen where he leads them. There is a fire pit set into the cliff side, with a hole going into the rock above where the smoke escapes. Before they can get a really good look around, he says “Now lets get back to that tea”, as Garros stops him and says he just needs to stick his head in his bedroom and take a look around. After a couple words of persuation He says ok, let me go find the key. As the door opens there are two people sitting on the side of the bed, a middle-aged human male, dressed in layered plate armor, carries a longsword, and shield. Cradeled under his left arm lies the crying Xereiope. The captain says Phlen I told you not to interupt us, and he says that we wanted to see into the room.. he says to go away.. when Garros explains that his fort is in dissaray, the Lt is dead, and his town may be under attack soon, He doesn’t seem to be bothered by it and says that he has this lass to take care of. As he is telling them this, Garros and Mordrynn notice the girl look up and through her sobs grins, and then begins her sobbing once more. Mordrynn demands that he comes out with them, and the Captain says that we must leave now, he will not leave the lass in despair. He then tells Phlen to have us leave. Phlen says that we must go. Mordrynn says we will not go without him. She then rushes out from under the captains arm, and flops into a corner sobbing. The Captain Obviously angered by this, then stands, picks up his shield and says he will not say it again, you must leave. Mordrynn says that he really needs to come outside and answer some questions, as the girl looks up and sobs, “make them go away”. Phlen runs away into the kitchen as he senses what is about to happen. And initiative is rolled..

The Captain draws his sword, and says you will leave now.. Garros tells Mordrynn that he is going to bring in the rest of the party, as he shifts to beast form and runs out of the house. He sees us standing off to the side of the house and gets our attention. As Mordrynn engages the Captian. The Captain knocks Mordrynn off ballance, as Garros Runs back into the house, and the party runs in to help. Garros charges into the room straight to the girl. Ryltar runs past Grimes into the house as he is pulling his bow. Mordrynn clinks his sword off the Captains armor again, as Gil rushes into the house, asks Mordrynn if he is a willing target, and Fey switches with him, as they switch places in battle. Grimes rushes in with his Scimitar bared, attacking the captain. Ryltar attempts to hide behind the door for cover. Gil pushes the Captain up against a vanity breaking the mirror. Xeriope (the girl) then pushes a button on the wall as two spinegon (Spined Devils) come out from behind a panel that opened. Garros reverts to Humanoid form, and shifts away from the captain. He then casts Fairy Fire at the Devils and the girl in the corner. The Spiney Devils shoot out a shower of spines, that are poisoned, As the girl begins attempting to mentaly dominate the party members. Ryltar advances to the door and pelts the devils with arrows, slaughtering one almost single handedly, as Mordrynn seems to fall under the girls powers. Garros continues to say kill the girl, kill the girl, but no one seems to be listening, or understanding, as he shifts from one form to another. Grimes continues to move his companions into better positions, as he sends out words of inspiration.. Mostly to himslef, than anyone else.. Two more devils come out from the kitchen as Ryltar, calls for grimes to get out here.. talking about the hallway.. As he realizes that isn’t going to happen before the devils get there, he rushes into the room, and gets behind the door. The Devils arrive at the doorway and begin to shoot thier spines into the room, poisoning Grimes, and Mordrynn. As the beating on the girl, and her mental captain coninue, Garros and Gil fall in behind them, and Ryltar slams the door shut to attempt to keep the devils out. The Devils then open the door and come into the room, to put Grimes in an advantageous position for the Captain. Xeriope tries to escape over the vanity as Gil slams her down, knocking the Captain down at the same time. Grimes attepmts to fight his way out his dicey predicament, with little effect, just as Garros pounces on the girl. The Captain then stunns Grimes, as Xeriope then arches back and seems to rip open, as a Succubus seems to erupt from her form. She bares her teeth and screams that we have had it now, but just as she gets Mordrynn under her powers again, Ryltar slams her with a couple of arrows killing her. The captain seems to come out of his trance, looking around, sees the devils, and shouts.. Devils!!!!.. as he rushes out to attack them, calling for the party to help him. Mordrynn steps up beside him, laying his hands on the captain, as the devils are finally brought down by the party.

Questioning the Captain, he seems to remember nothing after bringing the girl back to the barracks, into his office, and sharing a delicious kiss with her.

In the Kitchen is an area behind a tapestry that extends into the mountain that has lots of bones, and scrapings that makes it seem to have held more devils than were present in the house. Phlen doesn’t have any memory of when the last time it was used. He says he used to use it as a storage area/pantry, but can’t recall the last time he was in there. It is concluded that he was probably also seduced by Xeriope, the succubus.

In the bedroom there is also a small hidden room where the other two devils came from, that also has more bones, and fecal material that would suggest this space has also held more devils than what we just encountered.

On the Succubus is a Small Pouch with a grotesque statue made of platinum.. estimated to be in the 1000gp range.. a Begemmed Dagger.. with a Topaz in the pomel.. In a Sachel is a crudely drawn map. This seems to be indicating a path from Fort Dolor to a location 2-3 miles south west along the mountain range. This is what we deem to be the location of the Crazy Dwarf Lady. Capt Rivence begins to realize what was happening, but says he has no memory of what he has done for quite a while.

Session 2
Just Where is that Crazy Dwarf Lady?

Meanwhile back at the ranch….

There are stables to the left, otherwise stands a simple wooden house. Behind the house is a vast open expanse where the ranch would be. There are labored sounds coming from the stable area. Perhaps the birthing of a horse. Inside the stable is the Eladran Rancher up to his arms in birthing a horse. He also has a large wound in his side, perhaps where the horse has kicked him. Garros asks to assist him with the horse, which he agrees. Mardrynn and Grimes also assist, where we successfully manage to get the foal to come out. He then accepts the offers of help to his wounds, which are beyond regular bandaging, so Grimes gives him some inspiring words to heal. He then offers food and drink and opens his home to us. He is the first person who seems to have no fear that we, as strangers, are here.

Speaking with him further, he talks about Private Zamthist finally gaining his keep in the gaurds respect. He then has his daughters serve us food. Trellin(?) the Crazy dwarf lady was to meet someone who was buying two horses down south near the mountians. Asteril may know of her whereabouts. After more discussion Grimes asks about whether the evils have been going on prior to the Crazy Lady ariving. Astril says that the evil doing started about the same time that the Lady arrived prophesying the doom. Grimes says that he needs to find Trellin to determine what is going on.

Astril and his daughters are curious as to why Ryltar wears a cowl over his head, He states it is Spellplague, and they leave it at that.

Gil wants to attempt to stakeout the town tonight. Ryltar says he can watch the front gate, but Gil wants to watch more of the town. Gil and Garros circumvent the town, climb the cliff and watch over the town from above, while Ryltar sneaks over to the unfinished building next to the gate. Grimes stays across the street. As Ryltar trys to gain access to the second story window he falls, landing on his feet and taking no damage, but the gaurds spotlight the house as if they heard something.

Garros from his birdseye view spots a pair of wagons pulled by two horses, by the wearhouses placing bundles into the wagons. The Wagons then depart the fort. Ryltar follows the wagons, as Grimes returns to the ranch to attempt to gain access to a horse. He realizes he cant ride a horse, so he takes off rounding the ranch to get to the road south of the fort. Ryltar continues to follow the wagon as it turns off the main road, onto a smaller trail, headed to a grove of trees. Ryltar attempts to close the distance to jump onto the back of the wagon, remaining stealthy, and seems to succeed, holding onto the back of the wagon. Grimes Continues following the wagon tracks in the road. Grimes comes to a place where he has lost the tracks of the wagon, and Ryltar. He pulls his sunblade to brighten up the road, but has no more success locating the tracks than he did in the moonlight. He decides to put his sword away and stop to think. After a short time he decides to go back to the ranch to get his companions.

Garros and Gil return to the ranch house to find it quiet, with Grimes and Ryltar nowhere to be found. Garros using his tracking ability, follows Grimes tracks around the ranch to the road, where he is unsure of which direction they go. They decide to head south and pick up the tracks once again. After a short travel they see Grimes walking back up the road with his sunblade in hand. Grimes tells them that he followed Ryltar and the wagon tracks as far as he could, but he can’t tell one track from another now. Garros says that he can continue to follow the tracks. He finds where the wagon turned off the main road, and we continue to follow them into the small grove, where there are two small buildings located in thier midst. One that looks like a residence, and one that looks more for storage, such as a barn. Garros circles the encampment to the back side of the barn, where he tries the back door that is locked. He Climbs up the barn to a window, but can not see through it. He continues to the roof. He climbs back down the barn, goes around to the where he is close to the two men by the fire, and howls. They jump up, one runs, as the other grabs a crossbow. Garros pounces on the one running, as Gil and Grimes charge in. Garros takes a crossbow bolt to the side, as he pounces on the running gaurd and smashes his head into the ground knocking him unconcious. Gil and Grimes continue to run in, as Grimes Shoots the other gaurd with his crossbow. Killing him. Garros bandages his wounds, and brings him back to life, as the lights begin to come on in the house. Grimes picks up one gaurd and carries him into the woods. Garros finishes bandaging the wounded gaurd. They then hide back into the wood where they find that his wounds tore open. Grimes heals him, as Ryltar arives from his escapade.

After talking with Ryltar, it seems that the gaurds are stealing from themselves, and transporting the weapons out here to this encampment. Ryltar has grabbed a dagger from the supplies, to present to the Private as evidence to support our story.

As the search party from the house continues to get closer to the party, Ryltar says we must go now, and disappears into the woods. After a brief discussion of flee or confront, it was decided that we were going to have a chat. We step out of the woods into the fire light, as the search party comes to a screaching halt, Grimes demands.. WHO GOES THERE?.. This seems to startle the search party, who then ask who we are. I tell them my name (with a few looks of why did you do that from his companions) and tells them that we are here to inspect the goods. This seems to confuse them more and they say that no one has ever come to inspect the goods before, and what are we doing out here at this time of the morning. I then tell them that Lt Stimers sent us to return the goods to Fort Dolor. Someone has found out and he needs the good returned tonight. After a bit of talking, (and alot of laughing at grimes’ fumbling for another good lie, out of character) and a little intimidation, (and some great bluff checks, and one or two not so good ones.. ) they finally agreed to let us take the wagons and goods back to Fort Dolor, and even repacked them into the wagon from their hidy hole in the barn.

We decided to stash the goods in a small grove of trees near the fort, and decided to get a good sleep before trying to take them into town. About noon the next day we awoke and send Gil and Garros to the ranchers house to get him to go into town and bring out the Private to ask him to come out to where the wagon is, so we can show him. He told them that he could not leave his post at the fort, and if we brought the wagon into town, as proof of what the Lt has been doing, that he could almost assure us safety from the gaurds. That the towns people would back us. So they agreed, that we would bring the wagon back into town.

On the way back into town, we came upon some debris in the road, and beyond that was Lt Stimers with a group of soldiers, Leading a couple of Wild Boars. Before anything could be said, Lt Stimers jumped on one of the boars and charged at us. Ryltar found cover behind a barrel and hid in shadows, as the rest of the party charged into battle. Garros threw up a huge wall of thorns that entangled Lt Stimers and his wild boar, as Ryltar hit him with a couple of well placed arrows. Grimes threw his dragon breath between the two hogs, then hit the second rider with a well placed crossbow bolt. They had 4 dwarven bolters, that had deadly accuracy firing bolts from afar, pelting Grimes and Garros repeatedly. Ryltar continued to fire arrows from his shady position, as the group took down Lt Stimers, then the war pigs. The deadly accurate arrows from the Bolters finally got the best of Grimes and he fell. Mardrynn came to his aid, just as the final soldiers fell, and the group started after the dwarven bolters. After killing one, the others threw down thier crossbows and surrendered. (There was alot more battle specifics, I just don’t remember what everyone else was doing specifically. I couldn’t take notes while trying to figure out what i was going to do before it was actually my turn.)

Upon questioning them, we found out that the Iron Council was buying the goods from Lt Stiimers, and his crooked cronies. From his streetwise knowledge, Grimes knows that The Iron Council is a group that deals mainly with thieves and back alley shady people in large towns, and settlements. We also found out that with the Lt dead, Private Zamthest would be the highest ranking soldier left in town, and we decided to return to town with the wagon, the captured dwarven bolters, and bodies of the fallen soldiers. As we entered town, we were met by Private Zamthest who told us that just after he arrived back at his post, he was confronted by the Lt who found out about his meeting with us, and had him locked up. Some of his honorable soldiers came to his rescue, where they managed to fight thier way out of the barracks, taking the rest of the corrupt soldiers into custody, as well as Goodman Oramond. Goodman Oramond said that he saw the Captain going into the Herbalist shop just two days earlier with the harlot, and he has been watching the shop waiting for the captain to return, but he has not come back out as far as he knows.

Private Zamthest tells us that he has sent word to Fort Revanan for reinforcements, and that Captain Kavana should be arriving soon. She is bringing additional troops with her. But it would be his wish that we should stay and help protect the fort until she arrives.


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