Heroes of the Blue Flame

Quit monkey'ing around...

Meanwhile.. Back in the caves.. in the midst of battle..

Grimes climbs up onto the platform, and moves towards Garros pulling his potion of Vitality. Just as he crests the top of the platform Grimes gets whacked by the Spined Devil, bloodying him. Mordrynn climbs up, and over the naked virgin on the alter, to lay hands on Garros, bringing him out of deaths grasp. One of the devils chases down the entrance towards Ryltar. Gil climbs up the platform and puts the devil into combat advantage. The devil realizes that he needs to get outta there and as he tries to run, Gil, Grimes, and Mordrynn all strike him, killing him in his attempt to flee. Garros places a grasping tide around one of the devils 15 feet away from the platform. Grimes crossbolts the devil chasing Ryltar, as ryltar blasts two arrows into him. Gil, seizing on an oportunity, charges to the end of the platform, leaps, closing the 15 feet in the air to the devil in the grasping tide, striking him, then sliding him outside of the area, causing him to be knocked prone, into the pit next to the alter, onto the spikes. The devil rises off the spikes and back out of the pit, as Mordrynn throws his hammer at him, striking him as he is assending. Ryltar springs a bear trap on the devil he is battling, Slowing him. Gil, seeing Mordrynn hurl his hammer, decides to attempt to throw his sword, missing the devil. The devil flies back up onto the platform towards grimes, then raises another 10 feet into the air. Mordrynn getting the hang of chucking his hammer, throws it at the devil again, smashing it out of the air. Grimes goes over and picks up Mordrynns hammer, jumps off the platform and shoots his crossbow at the remaining devil still attacking Ryltar, all the way across the room. Garros strikes the devil with a lightning bolt, as grimes comes around the pit. As the remaining devil realizes his peril he attempts to flee, as Ryltar pelts him with two more arrows slaying him.

We then search the bodies, gather treasure, and take a short rest before proceding. There is a Kris Knife (a sacrificial knife the devil was holding) by the alter that grimes picks up and cuts the ropes holding the virgin, then wraps her with her torn robe that adorns the alter. Each one of the cultist wore a robe, carried a longsword, and had unholy symbols. The one horned demon had a morningstar, silk clothing, an Amethist broach which Garros says was glowing at one point in the battle. Grimes picks up all of the silk clothing, and material. Gil examines the broach and finds it to be magical, but doesn’t seem to be willing to tell the party what he found… After we examine the rest of the items, he tells us it is an amulet of resolution +2. (Gives pluses to saving throws) There is also a birchwood box, and a holy symbol. Gil examines the box. It has a lock like a ying yang latch. He pops it open and finds a small pipe and pouch. The box has been carved out to fit these items specifically, lined with velvet. There was also a holy symbol in the box with a gauntlet with an eye in the middle of it. The pouch contains very high quality tabacco. As Gil is examining it, he gets a tingly feeling from it. He determines that the magic on it is very ancient. Mordrynn examines the morningstar, but is unsure what, if any magical qualities it may possess. Garros asks about the knife, Grimes pulls it out and lets Gil and Mordrynn check it out. gil doesn’t seem to get any vibes off it, but Mordrynn knows that the cultists have many rituals that they perform. This particular knife seems to be used for a ritual of essence gathering of some sort. Such as gathering the essence of the sacrifice and stores it somewhere or somehow, or even sends it to someone, or other some entity.

Coming from the pit to the south we hear voices asking Who’s there? and others shushing them saying they might come for us. As Mordrynn and the party go down to the pit and peer in, there are many humans, elves, dwarves, and a dragonborn or two. Some appear to possibly be soldiers from the fort, others seem to be farmers, or commoners. We gather the robes from the cultists and give them to the commoners as we get them out of the pit. Many are injured. As they come out we tend to the worst of the injuries, so the group could move out on thier own. We figure that this tending will take about 6 to 8 hours to perform, to get the group to a state where they can move out where they are not in danger of dying from thier wounds. We decide to move the group to the entracne room, where the Owlbear is at, and we cut it up, roast it over the fire, and feed it to the group. The stories from the commoners were that they were tricked and kidnapped by the cultists, and the soldiers were tricked into precarious places by the captains orders then ambushed. Thendal, one of the Human Soldiers is very charismatic, seems to take charge of the group. Serenia is the lady that was on the alter, and speaks with tones of aristocracy, as if she is a nobel of some sort. The soldiers in the group equip themselves with the chainmail and longswords from the cultists. Then we set them off to the miners camp one hour south of here.

With Ryltar taking the lead, far far away.. we move west out of this area back into the passages. the passage turns north, and enters into a small cavern that seems empty, with the 10’ passage continuing out the north east side. As we continue we come to a passage that goes north, and one that continues to the east,and south. The passage to the south smells, and sounds as if there is water nearby. The Northern passage then splits to the east and west. After a short discussion, Gil convinces Ryltar to check out the cave with the water. We don’t want someone coming up behind us. He goes in and finds a large cavern filled with water, with frost on the walls, and no outlets visible. With a pool this large it could be home to a number of large aquatic creatures, or perhaps just a feed pool for smaller underground streams.

Heading north we notice that the path to the west dead ends, and the path to the east is also blocked with water, and some rudimentary bridge crossing the lake built from wooden timbers. The bridge splits in the middle of the lake one path going north to a large patch of ground. On the other side of the lake Ryltar notices a fully armored dragonborn, looking directly at him, leaning on a bastard sword. There is also a large gorilla beasts on either side of the Dragonborn. The other path goes to a much smaller patch of uninhabited land. The water seems to be frosted over, with the makeshift bridge seeming to be built well enough to hold a large amount of weight. The bridge continually seems to bob up and down in the water creating ripples across the entire lake.

As ryltar comes back and we begin to discuss what we are going to do, Garros notices a shadowy hound just at the exit to this cavern, and as he notices it it disperses into mist, and is gone. We then know that they know we are here, and the element of surprise is lost. We wait for a short time to see if anything is coming, and decide that we should attempt to get them to come to us. We then head out to the watery tomb. As we get to the water edge, there is no signs of any gaurds on the other side. Werealize they aren’t going to come to us, and we are going to have to cross the bridge. As we begin to cross the lake, Garros goes east, with Grimes following him over to the small patch of land, where there are patches or depressions in the snow where it seems that boxes used to sit. We then go back to join the party, as they are heading to the north. With the light source of Grimes Sword, we notice a the water being disturbed in the lake slightly, as if a large creature has caused ripples on the surface, but are unable to actually see it. Just as we decide to hurry to get off this bridge the two large gorilla beasts come rushing out from the darkness to the bridge entrance, blocking us on the bridge.

Ryltar shoots two arrows at the nearest one. Gil charges at him doing no damage. He takes another action to attempt another strike missing. Garros runs forward, then performs a plague lash. Something then suddenly whacks garros, and mordrynn with ryltar noticing it imediately as an illithid. (Mind Flayer) We then notice it came from the north. Looking north we see a red robed many tentacled humanoid (Squidword). A small shadowy hound also materializes behind Gil, and Bays.. with no effect to Gil. Grimes hurles his breath at the illithid, knocking it down the wall it is hangin on. It just happens to grasp hold again before it hits the water. One of the gorilla devils climbs up one of the columns 30 feet. The other gorilla lets out a savage growl as it seems to invigorate the other creatures in the room. He then slams both fists down onto Gil, crit’ing him with one. Ryltar strikes the illithid with two arrows knocking him off the wall. Before he hits the water it seems as if he falls onto an invisible ledge, then jumps back onto his feet. Gil smashes into the gorillia in front of him sliding him off the bridge, but he manages to just hang on and maintains his ground. Garros causes tremors under the illithid, knocking him prone, once again above the water. The Shadow hound bites into Gil again then shifts back next to Grimes. The Dragonborn enemy then advances onto the bridge attacking Gil, as Grimes runs to the end of the bridge then jumps across the water to the solid ground, with the hound nipping at his heels. The Barlugra (Gorilla Devil) on the column launches itself behind grims slamming its fists into grimes. The Illithid moves then off into the cavern.

What fate is in store for our heros? Will they succumb to the mental beating of squidword? Will they fall to the ghost dog? Will the gorillas fall in love and carry ryltar to the top of a column, as he fends off our attacks? Who is going to go swimming? Tune in next time.. same bat time.. same bat channel..



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