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0908 Updates

I’ve updated the Adventure Log with Steve’s notes from Session 1 and 2 (could still use some cleaning up—maybe later tonight). I started in on some basic Wiki and NPC tracking information (no meat on the NPCs, yet) and have uploaded a map of the Silver Marches, Luruar.

Welcome to the new Campaign!

This is the new site for the next campaign arc that I am running.

The characters of the Heroes of the Blue Flame are:

  • Grimes Minor – male dragonborn inspiring warlord
  • Gil Geflimmer – male human (hybrid) swordmage | warlock
  • Garros of the Ice Rain Clan – male razorclaw shifter druid
  • Mordynn – male human paladin of Torm
  • Ryltar Rythlin – male drow elf archer ranger

The campaign has officially started! Explore around. I’ll get to updating more in the near-future, like the NPC lists, post a map of Luruar’s region and hopefully put up some Wiki entries on some of the concepts, regions and historical points that I’m using or have already pointed out.

I bid thee farewell, brave adventurers! :)

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