Luruar, also known as the Silver Marches, is a league of three strong cities in the North, populated primarily by humans, half-elves, elves and eladrin. Nearby dwarven citadels are close allies but no longer part of the confederacy.

Luruar has gained a reputation for safe, friendly cities surrounded by an extensive wilderness dotted with all sorts of ruins, rugged monster lairs, and lost shrines. Because the region’s extreme wilderness lies in such close proximity to points of civilization, the kingdom serves as the unofficial base for several non-affiliated adventuring companies.

Luruar’s major settlements are Silverymoon, Sundabar and Everlund. A number of smaller member towns and villages in the vicinity benefit from the league’s protection.

Enemies of Luruar include the orcs of [[Many-Arrows]] to the north, the Netherese and their puppet monsters in the eastern marches, and the nearby Underdark realms of Menzoberranzan and Gracklstugh.


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